Stone Fireplace Painting

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If you have a stone fireplace that needs a renovation, you can refurbish it with a new coat of paint. Usually, a fireplace is the heart of the room and it should be the highlight of the place. As a result, when the stone fireplace has lost its original charm you should restore its splendour by repainting it.

  Before you start the repainting process of your stone fireplace,Guest Posting you should first check the building safety regulations. Also, check the applying safety codes for paint and other flammable materials you plan to use on the stone fireplace and in its vicinity.

 Check with your paint supplier or home improvement store regarding the adequate use of paint products, right tools and equipment required for such task.

 Before you start working on the stone fireplace, keep in mind that it is very difficult to get rid of the old paint coating from most masonry surfaces, including stone. Sandblasting could be your only available option. This is why it is important to properly plan your home improvement project. You need to also ensure that the new paint will perfectly blend with the rest of the room. It is also recommended to practice a little bit to make sure you can adequately do the job.

 The Right Colour for the Stone Fireplace

 Among the best options is the same colour as the colour of the walls in the room. Another excellent option is a colour that is in contrast with the main colour of the room. Regardless of the colour of your choice, you should talk about it with your home improvement consultant or paint supplier to help you select the most appropriate tones, hues, shades, tools and paint products for your stone fireplace.

 Before the actual painting job, protect the area surrounding the fireplace, including the walls, floor and other items as well. The area that needs to be protected mostly depends on the paint you plan to use and how you apply it: spraying, cutting or rolling.

 Prepare the surface of the fireplace using scrapers, soap, water, sandpaper or brush to get rid of the old paint, dirt and debris. Once the surface is dry, remove any remaining particles with the use a vacuum cleaner. When everything is clean and dry you can start the actual painting job of your stone fireplace.


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