The 5 inch Diamond Polishing Pads Set!

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The diamond polishing sets are available in the market under different sizes and vary over a lot more number of parameters than just size. The two main differentiating factors can be the ability to aid dry polishing or wet polishing as both have their own set of specific utilizations.

The 5 inch granite polishing pads by STADEA aids wet polishing which is accurate and gets the job done relatively faster than dry polishing. Another plus point is that there is no dust produced during the operation and hence no risk of stone dust inhalation to the user.

There are a huge range of diamond cutting tools as well as grinding tools by STADEA and all of them have two things in common,Guest Posting durability and aggressive cutting and grinding abilities. The wet diamond polishing pads by STADEA mentioned in the above section are 2.2 mm in thickness and have the Velcro backing for increased usability for quick change. The added flexibility made these pads quite easy to use over contoured surfaces of marble, granite and other stones as well as the flat surfaces. The optimum thickness accompanied with the Velcro backing makes sure the pads don’t slip while running over any kind of surface while operating at high speeds like 4500 rotations per minute. As it was mentioned earlier that these diamond polishing pads are aiding wet polishing and thus the pads must move at higher speeds hence the optimum operational speed of the pads are 2200 rotations per minute while 4500 rotations per minute being the maximum one.

There are many advantages that the wet polishing technique has over the technique of dry polishing other than high working speeds. First of all, there is no dust generated throughout the wet polishing. This decreases the risk of the user getting harmed in any way possible and the accuracy as well as the speed of polishing increases. The grit size plays a vital role in getting the mirror like finish as the final result and in almost every diamond based product offered by STADEA it has been taken care of. The range of grit size starts from 50 and ends over 3000 which if used properly can give ultimate results but everything depends on using the right technique.

Yet another thing to be taken care of is the fact that the stone on which the pads are being used should be fasten properly and should not be moving while working on them. This leads to proper distribution of force and pressure via the pads over the entire surface which in turn gives amazing results. This product is ideal for polishing granite, marble or any other kind of stone and the set contains 8 pads of 5 inches along with a black buff to provide the final coating. It is mandatory to make sure that the pads are not being used above the rated speed to avoid pads slip or flying.


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