Which Is Better: Solid Hardwood Floors or Engineered Wood Floors?

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If you are wondering what the greatest invention to hit the flooring market in the last century is, it is most definitely engineered wood flooring. This type of hardwood is made from solid wood and consists of several layers. The top most layer of this wood is the hardwood that most of us dream of having in our homes.

The layers beneath are designed with the specific task of prolonging the life of the floor,Guest Posting which makes this type of flooring a very practical choice for many rooms in your home. There are many advantages over hardwood when it comes to engineered wood flooring.

The first of those advantages would be the price. Engineered wood is much less costly than traditional hardwood floors. The bottom layers are made either of plywood or high-density fiberboard that is molded together. These floors will not expand and contract as hardwood is known to do (typically as the result of humidity and temperature) and can be installed over most types of existing floors, even over radiant heating systems.

These types of floors are also one of the most versatile flooring options on the market today. Some of the many practical applications include the fact that it can be installed over an existing concrete floor or even floors that are made with much inferior material. You can find engineered hardwood that needs to be glued down or nailed down. There are also floating floors that can be made with engineered hardwood. While there is more resistant to temperature and humidity than with traditional hardwood floors these floors are not ideal for rooms that deal with a lot of moisture and humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Another great reason that many homeowners opt for engineered wood flooring is that fabulous price. You will be getting the look and feel of hardwood at what seems like wholesale prices. They are easy to install for those with basic carpentry skills though you must make certain that the sub flooring is clean and clear of all dirt, dust, and debris.

You should also be delighted to learn that there are many choices of stain, wood, and finishes available for your engineered wood floors so you will never need to feel as though you are sacrificing beauty for price. Choosing a floor that is already finished means that once you've completed the installation process you can immediately enjoy your floors rather than spending more time staining and waiting for the stain to dry.

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