Niche Market Secrets – 5 Crucial Questions That Will Make You Successful With Your Online Niche

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Do you know what your online niche market really want?  If you can not answer the crucial five questions in this article, you may not be relatable with your customers and profit MORE from them!

When you find out that you have a profitable niche market,Guest Posting don’t you want to know how to be more relatable so that you can form a better ‘bond’ with them? 

Of course you do because if your niche can sense that you are ‘one of them’ your sales conversion will increase.  So a great strategy for you is to be relatable to your customers and find out what goes through their minds. 

It is a good idea to hang out with them in online forums, message boards, blogs, etc., on your particular niche and get a ‘feel’ about their thinking patterns.

Think about it; if your customers sense that you are their friend that truly understands their deepest fears and desires, how much more effective will your messages be to your niche?

If you adapt and cater to your niche’s actual wants rather than what you think they want, I guarantee your success with your niche will be dramatically increased.

This gives you more trust and relation with you customers.  So, now that you know why it’s important to truly know about your customers, here are five basic questions you must answer about your niche.

1.  What frightens them?

2.  Who and what makes them furious?

3.  What frustrates them?

4.  How do your customers talk to each other?

5.  What keeps them tossing and turning in bed and keeping them up?

Let’s make up a hypothetical target audience…

It may be this lonely group of males that is frightened of being virgins their entire lives, and think of resorting to becoming monks at the Shaolin Temple so they have an excuse for their failure with women.

Maybe you’ve narrowed it down even further and found out that they are furious about girls laughing at their pathetic, flabby bodies.  This in turn frustrates them that they are labeled as ‘runts.’

Then you found a forum where they hang out and find out that they all talk like Andy Stitzer from that wonderful movie 40 Year Old Virgin.

And finally you’ve found out that they stay up all night because their sexual frustration is built up to a peak.  So they lock their doors, get some lotion, and stay up all night surfing the internet for some…video games! (what else relieves more tension than pounding at a video game control pad?)

When you found out this much information about a target audience, wouldn’t it be MUCH easier to sell the product that can ‘instantly’ solve their problems?  In this case, wimpy men that is desperate to find an easy way to approach women.  (By the way, I've addressed the 5 questions in the bold words above)

You can have book sets, seminars, and coaching sessions on your ‘Score Tonight’ Successful Dating System.  Also show them that you were like ‘one of them’ and after using this incredible system, you have so many girls on you that you have to beat them off with a stick!

Now that trust and relationship is established, give them more of what they want…fitness products!  They did mention their frustrations with being runts remember?  There are many other ways you can go about this, but the bottom line is to have a deeper understanding of your niche before you market to them!    

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