The Secret To Mining Online Gold Using The Hidden

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The Secret To Mining Online Gold Using The Hidden
Profits In Digital Resale Products

By Ebong Umana

(C)2004 E.Umana All rights reserved

The myth that you can't make money online with resale
digital information products will be EXPLODED right now.

Have you ever heard about the massive profits being made
online selling Digital Resale products (videos,Guest Postingaudios,
ebooks and software) even with the stiffest competition?

Unfortunately, some people claim that its virtually
impossible to make money with reprint rights digital
information products because of all the competition.

Most likely you'll see these same people on Ebay(Rank
Amateurs)selling products that sold thousand of copies at
$50.00 or more for a mere $4.00 or $5.00.

Professionals on the other hand, The internet Gurus and
average janes/joes quietly bring in huge amounts
selling resale rights products and massively outselling
the competition in a supposedly saturated market.

The amount of money being made selling resale rights
products is truly staggering and the prices to obtain these
resale rights won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Many new products with resale rights come on the market
almost everyday. its huge and many more people come online
for the very first time,with the vast majority of them
looking for internet business opportunities.

To underscore this point,go to any major search engine and
type in the word "home based business opportunity" and
you'll get hundreds of thousands of search results or if
you use Overture's suggestion tool, you'll see how many
people searched for that one phrase(401,436)in the month
of July alone.

In order to make money with resale rights products, you
need to be able to position yourself to profit in the midst
of massive competition.

To do that you need to present and package your product in
some way that's different, in other words,something to make
you standout from the crowd and maintain a theme whether
its products about health, sports,webmaster tools,diets,
making money from home or whatever subject you choose to

For example when packaging resale rights products on say
seafood recipes, Don't also include gambling, an "adult"
ebook for couples, or 70 PHP Website Scripts,

These products could be of the highest quality;but
could be perceived as junk bunched together
just to make it large enough to be considered a "mega

What if you happen to be selling Website scripts
and you know how to install them?,make the offer,that for
an extra small fee you would be willing to install them or
you might even offer to install it free of charge.

Always ask yourself before doing all this, What are you
doing that's different from the competition?

Evaluate your goals, the products, the people and the
marketing(that would include killer ads, target market
etc) and have a strong guarantee.

Bottom line: Going the extra mile to be different in your
approach and providing great service are solid keys to your
long term success.

Know your target market, where do they get together?, the
more targeted your prospects, the more likely you are to
have buyers and possibly repeat customers.

Don't make the biggest mistake ever of not selling digital
products because of competition, get out there and make
it happen for you.

Stay Tuned Next Time For "The Money is in The List":
Secrets To Building A Targeted Opt in Mailing List.

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