Top 5 Components Of A Successful Website

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These days everyone thinks that they can start a successful website.

Many people see the successes of websites like Wired,Guest Posting TechCrunch, and Vulture, and they think that it will be easy to reproduce those results.

Unfortunately they often overlook the level of talent and planning that is involved. They launch with no clear plan of how to succeed and they do not place the right people in a position to succeed. These websites may start with a lot of gusto but they quickly burn out when the harsh realities rear their ugly head. If you are planning to start a website don't let this happen to you. Instead follow the five components that we highlighted here and you will have more success than you ever dreamed.

1) A great design that doesn't distract.

While it is true that content is king you cannot overlook the design of your website. Too many places will load their websites up with bells and whistles that do more to annoy the audience than draw them in and build a sense of community. There is certainly a temptation in today's desperation to stand out from the pack to overload a website with more than it needs. If you are guilty of this design San your audience will certainly let you know about it. Some may remove your website from their bookmarks and never forgive you for wasting their time. It's important to get it right and to be responsive to any issues as they may arise. Sometimes simpler is better, so don't try to overdo it when building a web design.

2) Compelling and original content.

In addition to web design compelling content is essential to building an audience and keeping it. Ultimately readers want a pleasurable reading experience filled with articles, video content and podcasts that go further in detail than other websites. They want food for thought and many competitors are already giving it to them. In order to stand out you have to be unique, have a voice, and be consistent. All of these require hard work and planning. They also require you to have a strong sense of what your website is about.

3) Easy navigation.

Having useful and original content is key. But if web visitors cannot find what they are looking for on your website, they will leave. So make it easy for visitors to locate the right web page. Have a tree-like navigational structure and include a site map.

4) It's all about you.

Many webmasters forget about the importance of the about us page. This is the first page that visitors look for when they land on your website. Have a highly visible link on your homepage that introduces you and your Company to your web visitors. Don't make them hunt high and low for your "about me" page.

5) Contact information.

Finally, web visitors should find it easy to locate your contact information. Ideally, your phone number and email should be listed on every page on your website. The header will do nicely.

The above elements will work together to provide your web visitors with a positive user experience. Search engines tend to reward professional looking sites with these elements in place. So do not overlook them!

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