Translation and Localization of Social Networking Sites Increase Chances of Websites’ Success!

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Social media are here to stay, and indeed, gain in popularity and importance every day. Translating these popular websites, and translating them well, is crucial to their success in the tough competition they face.

Social Networking is most common and popular mode of communication in our globalized world. Social networking is cultural phenomenon that bridges the gaps for more accessible communication. Tools such as Facebook,Guest Posting Twitter and LinkedIn are only a few examples of sites designed for enabling modern communication, important learning and a modern way for exchanging news and important events.However, most of these social networking sites are either in English or in one other particular native language. As a result, interaction and understanding in using in any of these tools is very limited. Human translators are concerned with trying to come up with solutions to make the use of social networking sites useful for understanding and communication.The use and popularity of social networking sites is rapidly increasing. Thus, there is a need for translation of websites, in particular social networking sites, from then, communication will become easier and through translation of these tools, company websites can actually benefit for localizing their company and services. In addition, through the availability of translation of social networking sites, transferring and adopting knowledge is possible and even easy.Moreover, using social networking sites is one of the most efficient ways to keep in touch with your colleagues, and it helps professional people to establish a good image and professional background of the user. In addition, it helps people also to easily find new jobs.Translation it bridges the gaps between languages and cultures. However, nowadays, the translation industry and websites companies are facing the issue whether it is better to use crowdsourcing translation or whether professional translators should be involved in the process of converting website text from one language to another.Most of the social networking sites are engaged  in crowd-sourced translation. Obviously, websites companies are more attracted to using crowdsourced translation because they are free of charge. However, the quality of the translation is variable, and there is no reliable meaning in every translation that every person performed.The main thing that these website companies should know is that, since they are amongst the most efficient and popular tools for communication nowadays, therefore they should or the company itself should utilize proper translation services for their website.Just like cultures and languages, social networking habits differ from country to country. Therefore, social networking companies should seek help from professional translators in localizing their efforts, linguistically and in cultural aspects in order to increase their chances of success.

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