Ways to Generate Traffic with Web 2.0 Sites

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There are many ways to generate online traffic and using the power of Web2.0 in one of them but within this niche there are also numerous methods which can enhance your sales.

Web 2.0 has provided internet users with many popular and unique functions to make their lives more convenient,Guest Posting easier and more fun. While many of the applications have been around for years, Web 2.0 has given them more uses and functions such as easier integration and interaction between users. What Web 2.0 has done for network marketers and business owners is phenomenal!  Network marketers now have many popular Web 2.0 sites available to drive traffic to their websites so they can begin to make a massive amount of sales. Here are just a few of the many features available to network marketers to improve traffic and sales.


What Web 2.0 has done for blogging is truly amazing. What started out years ago as an individual site where someone could write their thoughts has now turned into an online site that can be seen by millions. Potential customers that are looking for a product in your niche market can type it in a search engine and be taken to your blog site, where they can add posts, check out your URL, view your website and be part of your blogging community. Unique features like tags makes it easier for your viewers to find specific targets so their time is not wasted looking through pages of blogs to find one item. Your blogging site is also a great place to post your website and draw traffic to your site.


When you're reading a book and want to save your favorite page, you bookmark it. Thanks to Web 2.0, online users can now check out your bookmarks. There are many different bookmarking sites online, which take only a few minutes to join. Once you join their site, you put a "save page" link (which can be your website) on your toolbar   along with a tag and description. All you have to do is hit submit and your page will be bookmarked on all the bookmarking sites you've joined. When other visitors go to these sites in search of what you're offering, your bookmark will be there for them to check out. Bookmarking is becoming very popular as a way to generate lots of traffic your way.


Digging is also a very effective way to drive traffic your way as well as potential customers that can turn to an explosive amount of sales. All it requires is that you join Digg and look for others that share your niche topics (same interests) and add them as friends. Each time you add a post or your website, you "digg" the pages and your friends will be notified that you've dug something. Digg is a very popular site for networkers looking to increase their traffic and find new friends sharing the same interests.


Twitter is another social network much like Facebook and MySpace but it offers even more possibilities as far as letting your viewers know of any changes in your business or sites.  You can notify them with just a few words that you've put on your blogs and they'll be instantly notified what you're doing, whether on online, email or through cell phone.

As you can see, Web 2.0 offers many great features and marketing techniques to help you increase your traffic for your business. When used on a regular basis, you'll be amazed at the number of sales they'll bring to your internet business.

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