Which one is better: Managed IT or Dedicated Server hosting?

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Every organization searching for a specific hosting plan has to choose between renting a whole server and sharing the resources of a server for his website hosting

Now how to choose the correct one for your website? The basic rule might be to judge by the roughly estimated amount of resources that your website might consume. If it is similar to the one provided by a typical shared environment,Guest Posting then opt for Managed IT otherwise go for a dedicated server hosting. After this initial dilemma gets resolved you now got to think whether you will opt for dedicated server hosting which is unmanaged or if you will make your service provider of web hosting manage your account for you. Let us discuss in details to solve this concern.

What does Managed IT concern?

Organizations who have generally shared server for their website may not be acquainted with the term “Managed IT” basically because it covers only hosting types such as semi-dedicated or cloud hosting etc. When it comes to managed hosting it is like having an entire technical support team ready at your call to address any concern which regards your website hosting. Although this decision between managed IT and unmanaged IT is done on the basis of the price allotted for hosting it is found out that a decision based only on the evaluation of price might pay heavy on your wallet later.

The basic Differences

The features that you get are mostly similar as either way you are obtaining dedicated server hosting. The basic differences between Managed IT and unmanaged dedicated server hosting are as follows.

  • Unmanaged hosting leaves you alone with only your own devices. No further support except the customer assistance will be available to you. In case you want to install or even upgrade anything you are left on your own to do it. The server might be termed as virtually yours to maintain and control. You wouldn’t even get the control panel and server software with this type of hosting.
  • In a Managed IT hosting plan every aspect related to your website hosting will get covered by your host except any assistance on coding. By every aspect you can include routine tasks, emergency tasks, tasks related to maintenance and operation, operating system, control panel and even the requires applications. Moreover, automatic backup as well as monitoring is also performed.

Advantages and Disadvantages

If we study the above differences minutely we would tend to think that why is even unmanaged hosting considered after sounding like such a complicated or tedious one? But there are certain developers on the web that require and want total control over their website to secure proper functioning. Add to that the cheaper value of pricing. If you are well acquainted in operation and maintenance of a server and desire complete control, then unmanaged hosting might just be your thing. On the other hand, if you are not able to choose the correct developing tools for your website or struggle to install the control panel spend a few more bucks and go for managed IT.

The conclusion

No hard and fast rule is there to govern the choice between managed and unmanaged server hosting. You have to analyze your capabilities and requirements and make a correct decision.

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vikram kumar
vikram kumar

After judging all the mentioned aspects if you find unmanaged dedicated server hosting to be perfect for you then go for it. You will save a lot of money which can help on your website development. Otherwise Managed IT is the thing for you.

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