Hiring a Lawyer: 5 Foolproof Ways To Find a Good One

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Hiring a lawyer is an important decision whether you're defending yourself against criminal charges, want to sue an insurance company, or just need some legal advice. Here are five foolproof ways to find the attorney of your dreams.

Whether you're defending yourself against criminal charges,Guest Posting want to file suit against an insurance company, or just need some legal advice, hiring a lawyer is an important decision. It should be done at a leisurely pace, rather than haste, even if you need it done quickly. Take your time and make responsible choices when it comes to hiring a legal representative. It could mean the difference between a positive outcome and a negative one. Here are five foolproof ways to find the attorney of your dreams.

1. Use recommendations. Hiring someone because they had the best ad during the afternoon talk shows is not a good idea. This gives you no indication whatsoever about the attorney's ability to handle your case. That's not even mentioning the fact that the guy you see in the ads may very well not be the guy who winds up handling your case. Instead, look for recommendations. These could be from people you know, co-workers, or from people inside the field.

2. Use consultations. Too many people feel as though once they attend an initial consultation, they are somehow obligated to hire the first attorney they met with. This is hardly the case. Use the consultation for what it was designed to do. Interview the attorney and make sure he is a good fit. If not, set up another one with someone else and keep doing this until you find someone you like.

3. Evaluate expertise. The lawyer you hire should not only have considerable experience in general but in the specific field of interest your case lies within. A good tax attorney isn't going to be able to do much for your speeding ticket case. This is an extreme example, but it shows what you should be looking for.

4. Consider rates. You don't have to spend a fortune to find an attorney who will do a good job for you. It's not a great idea to go into debt on anything that doesn't have an appreciating value. If you can't afford an attorney, don't hire one. If you absolutely have to, find someone who can do the job for a price that makes sense.

5. Check their backgrounds. Finally, before you hire a lawyer, do a quick background check. That means running the name through a search engine and asking people in the field, and going to the state bar association. If there is any dirt on them that might reflect poorly, consider it when making your decision. A black mark here or there might not be enough to send you elsewhere, but you should have all the information before you decide.

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