Molestation Attorney - False Accusations Can Lead To Real Convictions

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If you've been falsely accused of sexual abuse, your first course of action should be to hire a molestation attorney. Many innocent people have been forced to serve long sentences behind bars, and it may have been preventable if they took quick action.

False accusations of sexual crimes have sent innocent men to prison for years,Guest Posting and sometimes the claims have little solid evidence behind them. The biggest mistake the accused makes is not hiring a specialized molestation attorney early on in the process. Many defendants are unprepared for trial, expecting or hoping that the accusers will drop the case once the legal process formally begins. However, those who are willing to make outrageous claims or even commit to perjury will not often back down. The best defense, even for an innocent victim of a false accusation, is being prepared for the worst.

Most commonly, adults or children who have been coerced by a relative are the types to voice false allegations. There are almost always ulterior motives such as a spurned former spouse, child custody battles, or another form of revenge for past wrongs. In the United States, it is estimated that anywhere from 6% to 30% of child sexual abuse charges are false. Definite numbers are difficult to obtain due to the prevalence of many unreported cases or dropped charges. There have been several notable cases over the years of convictions being overturned due to newly surfaced evidence or alleged victims confessing deception years later after the accused has already served an entire sentence in prison. Even if innocence is proven, the damage is done. Personal and professional relationships are often destroyed and never to be reestablished again.

There are three main types of false accusations that a molestation attorney will deal with throughout his career. The first is a complete fabrication whereby no events ever occurred by the accused or another individual. There are also lies that are a combination of true and false events. In these instances, evidence may be easier to obtain, such as the whereabouts of the accused and alleged victim or witness statements corroborating certain facts. However, any claims of abuse or questionable behavior are falsehoods. The final type of fictitious story may be completely true, with the exception that the accused is not the guilty party, but rather another individual.

Regardless of the charges or category of false accusation you are facing, it is important to cease any unnecessary communication with the accuser and relations. You should only speak through your molestation attorney. Because many accusers have been coached by adults, attempting to diffuse the situation on your own can result in further confusion for the child or increased ire of any adults involved. An accusation, even without seeming merit, is a serious claim, and lies can quickly mount up to create a viable story. Once word of these claims spread throughout a community, jobs can be lost, reputations destroyed, and prejudices made. Having a lawyer early on will help you secure your rights including employment, professional certifications, and other matters throughout the distressing process.

Don't take any accusations lightly, and invest in a molestation attorney right away to protect your rights as well as your future. It is also important to remember not to hold grudges against any children involved, as they are likely just a catalyst for someone else's anger.

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