3 Marketing Strategies That Generate Free Traffic

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In internet marketing there are many sources of traffic, but the free methods give you the best ROI.  The main three are video marketing, forum marketing and article marketing.  If you commit to these three methods, you will have a consistent flow of traffic for years to come.

It is said that there are two essential metrics that an internet marketer needs to focus on - traffic and conversions. Although I would include others to that list,Guest Posting they are ancillary and I wouldn't consider them direct causes of your success or failure. Generating traffic is the lifeblood of any business whether you are online or offline. Without traffic there is nothing that can be bought and sold, there are no profits that can be generated and no business can be sustained. Conversions are important because it is a good indicator of how well your products or services convert. If you have succeeded in generating a good amount of traffic to your site, but no one is buying, then it's likely that either you are generating the wrong traffic or your offer is not relevant to what your visitors need. Either way, it would be a matter of testing you traffic sources and/or your offers. Without getting adequate traffic and conversions, online businesses will not survive. Below are three powerful traffic sources that require just a bit of work upfront, but will generate free traffic for years to come.

Video marketing

Video marketing is the newest craze when it comes to generating traffic, that's because the statistics are staggering. The average person will spend 15 minutes per day on YouTube, which is the 3 most trafficked site after Google and Facebook. Over 3 billion videos are viewed per day and more videos are uploaded to YouTube every month than was created by the 3 major networks in the last 60 years. The opportunities for the video marketer are enormous and the ability to monetize your videos is just beginning. Each video you make can have watermarks with your name, your website and a phone number, just to name a few. Also, below each video is an opportunity to leave behind a hyperlink in the description box which does two things - it gives you a chance to rank better in the search engines and also allows your viewer to click on the link, taking them directly to your desired webpage.

Forum marketing

Forum marketing is a great source because the traffic is so targeted. Everyone on the forum is looking for help. If you can position yourself as an expert, you will generate an abundance of traffic. Forums allow you an opportunity to leave behind a "signature". It's essentially a bio box where you can leave behind a blurb about you or create a link to your website. Some forums have stipulations where you may have to wait a week before being given permission to leave a signature and some make you contribute 50 posts, for example, before giving you the right to create a signature. Either way, if you are actively involved in a high traffic forum, your ability to generate targeted leads from a single thread can be quicker than any other source of free traffic.

Article marketing

Affiliate article marketing is probably one of the most powerful sources of free traffic. It gives you the ability to pre-sell yourself, allows you to rank higher in the search engines and gives you a chance to directly link to your website. People think that article marketing is dead, in my opinion, fresh, quality written content is the foundation of any respected and reputable website.

If you are new to internet marketing, or simply have been generating traffic using paid methods then I encourage you to pick 2 of these 3 methods and commit to making it work. Once you dominate those two methods, then you can move on to others. The key to getting good results is consistency. Just because you make one video or write one article does not mean that you don't ever have to create content again. Any good marketer will tell you that they created dozens of videos and articles, most of them generate a few leads and few generate thousands. Stick with it and it will work for you!

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