Build Your Brand by Reminding Customers about Holidays

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Reminding your customers of holidays can be a good step in brand building

As a small business,Guest Posting you are probably going to be sending advertising material to your customers on a regular basis. The goal in doing so is to improve your name recognition among your target customers.

You want them to know who you are and to recognize your company name. A good way to do that is to send out holiday reminders to your loyal customers and prospective customers.

Send Out Reminder Cards There are several ways that you can remind customers about an upcoming holiday. If Mother’s Day is approaching, you might print up some postcards related to the holiday and send them to everyone on your mailing list. Or you could design a color printing project and produce some posters to display in strategic locations.

Send Out Greeting Cards You can also go beyond just reminding customers about a holiday, and actually take part in it. Let’s say, again, that Mother’s Day is coming up. If you know some of the people on your mailing list are mothers, send them a greeting card to commemorate the occasion.

Send Out Special Offers Sticking with our Mother’s Day theme, you could also send out notices to your customers telling them about a special you are having for the holiday. Offer any mothers in your customer base a discount for the day, or a buy one get one free offer. A simple card announcing this special is all you need to make this strategy effective.

Spice Up Your Store You don’t necessarily have to send things to your customers to remind them about an upcoming holiday. You can do that just as effectively by decorating your store for the occasion. Even for “minor” holidays, such as Mother’s Day, it is easy and inexpensive to dress up your store to reflect the holiday. Make it obvious that you are aware of the event and are taking it seriously.

No matter how you decide to do it, reminding customers about upcoming holidays is a great way to reinforce your name recognition. If you remind someone about a holiday that they had forgotten, they will be much more likely to remember your company. And if you make it a habit to send out information about holidays, you will further add to your brand name.

It is all about communicating regularly with your customers. Sending out holiday reminders is just one way to do that effectively and consistently. The best part is that this is a relatively inexpensive strategy to incorporate into your marketing efforts. You can keep your costs down even more by making sure you only send this information to specially identified customers, who are likely to need the product or service that you provide.

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