Custom Printing Services - 7 Reasons Why Postcards Get High ROI

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The article is about thart how different printing services can help a buseness to growth fastly. Online printing services provide different packages which are appropriate for business. There are also Cheap Printing Companies.

Custom Printing services are a cost effective way to get high returns on your investment. Don't underestimate the power of a postcard campaign. They are a time proven low tech marketing strategy that undeniably works for thousands of small,Guest Posting medium and large companies.

In the U.S., most people generally receive custom printed postcards by direct mail six out of seven days a week. In Canada, it's 3 to 5 days a week depending on the location. Chances are good that on any given delivery day, some postcard collateral will be in your mailbox. Why, because they deliver highly profitable returns. If you believe a direct mail campaign doesn't work anymore then why do so many big and small companies use Printing Services as a primary marketing strategy to create more business.

Postcards are often considered low tech. They don't boast the near-instant messaging power or energy of the Internet and online social networks. Yet businesses and organizations of all kinds rely on cost-effective, easily produced and distributed postcards from custom printing services to convey important information.

Postcard Power

Take the most important points of your message and try scaling them to a postcard format. You'll be amazed at how creative you or your graphic designer can be. Custom postcards printed with your name, logo and a powerful call to action can be the perfect solution for increasing sales and profits.

  • EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) offers businesses a tightly targeted direct mail solution for their market using carrier routes. EDDM has the advantage of not needing expensive mailing lists and address imprinting. The cost for EDDM mailing is only 18.3 cents each piece. The best part is you can target your market right down to every home and/or business using carrier routes. Delivery generally takes one to two days instead of weeks for bulk mail.
  • Easy to send: Postcards streamline the mailing process because there is no stuffing, sealing or printing of labels and envelopes to be done. For spread out target marketing, use bulk direct mail. If you don't have a bulk permit, most online postcard printing services have an affordable full service direct mail process that you can use. They help you distribute your message as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Strategic marketing: Postcards are a lower-cost marketing collateral format with high impact potential. Your message in a customized postcard is instantly visible; its smaller format challenges you to be creative and concise with your message and call to action.
  • Time saving: Postcard can be created by using free templates from one of the online custom postcard printing services and you then can upload your own design to their website. Select the desired stock, finish, and quantity, and place your order. Turnaround time is usually very fast, usually 2 to 4 business days.
  • Design help: Many custom postcard printing services offer design and production services from creating copy and design, as well as assistance in choosing format size and finishes (gloss UV and matte are almost always included, it’s your choice). Customer service is usually just a mouse click or phone call away.
  • Greater affordability: Online printing companies often offer product pricing at considerable savings when compared with offline/local printing services.
  • Appointment reminders: Professional services such doctors, dentists; veterinarians use customized postcards to remind clients of upcoming appointments.

Remember the flexibility, impact, and cost-effectiveness of Custom Printing Services when planning your next important mailing. Don't underestimate the power of a printing campaign.

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