Top 7 Mistakes and Solutions in Writing and Submitting Articles

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Naturally you want websites to publish websites your well written articles. But, unknowingly, you may be making mistakes that cause them to reject you. Check these 7 mistakes and solutions. 

Naturally you want websites to publish websites your well written articles. But,Guest Posting unknowingly, you may be making mistakes that cause them to reject you. Check these 7 mistakes and solutions.

Mistake One. You Don't Know the Value of Internet Marketing with Articles  Solutions. Unaware business people and authors seek out help to market that costs too much and will not do the job for the long haul. Pay-per-click only works a short time on narrow niche topics. Google ads don't work well because they cost too much and you don't know how to write ad copy.

You can write short articles and spend less than four hours a week submitting them with  the "Streamlined Submission" that works-bringing the author over 5000 visitors a day. Your article readers are pre qualified because they already want information on your topic, so they are more likely to stay a while on your web site.  Mistake Two. You Resist Online Marketing Because of Various Reasons.  Solutions. Maybe you don't want to learn about the internet. Maybe you want to stay small because it's comfortable. Maybe you think you can't write. These ideas will keep you poor. Open your mind and get willing to learn the easiest and cheapest way to market a book as well as a business-advanced article marketing.  Mistake Three. You Dabble in Article Marketing. You send out a few to ezines, put a few up on your web site and then stop because you don't see immediate results.

As with all marketing, it needs consistent effort. Just remind yourself of the payoffs. Promotion and marketing are the only way to make yourself visible and get your product or service selling big time. When you send two articles out to over 10 high traffic web sites to start, you will succeed. To get to the $9500 a month up bracket, practice these techniques for a year. Like your advanced article marketing coach, notice your listings on other sites grow from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. That means higher profits.  Mistake Four. You Pay Big Bucks to Article Directory Submitting Companies Solutions. You think "I don't have time to submit these myself."

I'll just hire a company to do it for me. From the stories I hear from dissatisfied customers of article blaster companies, you may change your mind. First, you pay before you know who they send to. It can be $300-$1500, and you still have to do a lot of the work for them. Also, they may not send your articles to your target market. How can you know this? Some people who did this got on black lists from Google-their site disappeared. . Article blasters' sales letters make it sound so easy and good. Remember, you get what you pay for. Think, did they write over 250 articles themselves and get published over the past five years? Did they research for the right high traffic web sites to submit to? Did they write four books and do coaching on the topic? Or, did they think that wow, an easy way to make fast money? Think quality as well as quantity for real results.  Mistake Five.. You Think you Can't get Enough Ideas for Articles. You wrote six and can't think of any more. You just quit.

Solutions. Think about your profession. If a coach, look to your clients for material. Try a Q and A article or a Myths and Solutions article. If in another business, think of other things your write or speak about. They can make a great article with a new introduction and conclusion. Tickle your muse by checking out other articles on the net. Copy and paste one into your editing folder. Revise the whole thing from your topic and your point of view. Change the article's focus to another audience. Connect with a coach whose experience and books can mentor you through the beginning.  Mistake Six.

 You Don't Create a List of Top Ezines and Web Sites to Submit to.

Solutions. You can Google any kind of business and then add the words "submit articles" to copy and paste the URLs into a file to keep for this kind of marketing. Check out article directories like The only problem with doing it yourself is that this will take over 60 hours of your time. If you want to save research time, find a resource where these URLs are listed for you by a competent article publisher and submitter.  Mistake Seven.

You Assume It Will Take Too Long to Write Articles.

Solutions. The way to real profits means time tested ideas, products and services  that give your audience what they want. Solid business success is not overnight. Assuming you can get rich quick with no effort is a mirage.

From my experience, at first, an article took me an hour to write, then I learned how to parlay one article to five in less than an hour, I expanded to syndicating over 150 articles within two years and today over 250 circulate the net. You can too and you can delegate the submitting to your low-cost assistant like I do. In less than four hours a week, my assistant sends out four articles to over 50 web sites. From those exposures, many more use my same articles to list my URL on over 100,000 other web sites. This is the best viral marketing around and it's natural.  You don't need to make expensive time and money mistakes to market your book or business. With a short learning curve, you can in just a few months see results you want--big web site sales and your client base full up.

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