Trade Show Displays And Influencer Marketing: Maximizing A Natural Affinity

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Influencer marketing is one of the most effective promotional techniques, but finding influencers can be tough. Learn why your trade show displays are already attracting hubs and how trade show booths can become a more effective platform for communicating with those influencers. 

Modern marketing theory has produced many ideas to leverage the internet as a promotional tool. One of the most exciting theories to emerge is influencer marketing,Guest Posting which melds online and offline interaction to promote natural expansion of products throughout the market. This method relies upon a simple interaction between two people, one of whom is a recognized influencer, also called a hub. The main challenge to influencer marketing is finding these influencers, which can be like seeking a needle in a haystack if done purely online. 
Trade show displays have proven to be a popular gathering place for hubs, making them an ideal place to connect with these important customers. Once you understand the value of trade show booths in communicating with hubs, you can adapt your unit to appeal even more strongly to these information-seeking visitors. 
Understanding The Influencer
Influencers as a whole share very few common denominators. The unique characteristic that they share is their authority within a particular group about a particular subject. This characteristic is based on a variety of subjective measurements which are nearly impossible to track, even with unlimited resources. Beyond that one difficult measure, there are few commonalities. In general, they seek information and adopt new products before the general public, but simply having these qualities does not make an individual a hub. The key attribute that all of them share is a simple one: every hub has a strong influence with those around them. In other words, if a hub likes your product, they are likely to create a ripple effect which gains you other customers as well.
Trade Show Booths Are The Prime Way To Find Hubs
As mentioned above, there are few commonalities between different influencers. One of the most reliable traits is that they seek new information, and want to know more about their chosen field of expertise. This often manifests itself in the form of seeking out information from trade show displays. Hubs are more likely to be present at conventions, and they are very likely to pepper the staff of trade show booths with probing questions. Not every visitor to all trade show displays will turn out to be a key element of marketing strategy, but a large proportion will be.
Designing Trade Show Displays For Influencers
An influencer is not interested in promoting your product for you. They are only interested in finding the best product for their needs, and being able to then recommend it to others. Thus, your trade show booths can appeal to them with facts and information that will help them see its benefits. Your units should attract them with pull marketing rather than relying on a push method. You should have ample literature available for them to take, peruse later, and possibly cite as they recommend your product. Similarly, you should have samples whenever possible. The real value of these changes is twofold: they will increase your impact on a vital marketing demographic, and will also increase your success with everyone else who visits your booth, helping improve overall returns on your convention investment. 

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