Voice Searches will propel SEO in 2020 and beyond

Feb 24


Avantika Shergil

Avantika Shergil

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Voice searches will rule in the tech world in the coming time, and doing SEO optimization according to it will become even more necessary.


There is going to be a paradigm shift in the manner in which SEO works all around the world right at the turn of the new decade,Voice Searches will propel SEO in 2020 and beyond Articles and voice searches will play a significant role in it. According to researches, about half of the online searches will be based on voice commands by the year 2020, and 31% of Smartphone users worldwide will use voice technology for their searches at least once every week.

The increase in the popularity of voice commands is based on the fact that it gives the freedom and ease to the users to go about their searches in a hassle-free manner. A voice search is nothing but the technology that essentially allows the users to speak to a device instead of typing keywords to get their desired search results. Voice search seems a new concept in the SEO market, but it has been around for a while in forms such as speech to text and voice dialing.

Keeping the increasing popularity of voice search in mind, tech giants such as Apple, Amazon, and Google have introduced seamless voice search mobile apps and devices. These devices are programmed to optimize the search results according to the preference of users, giving them their desired results. The impact of this on SEO will be humongous. There will arise an acute need for optimizing those impacts in the best interest of your business.

So fasten your seatbelts as we set the ball rolling.


Loading time of the website

This goes in the same manner in the traditional SEO is analyzed by Google that the website must take lesser time to load its full features. For better SEO, your website must be responsive, and since a majority of the users use their mobile phones, the website must be highly compatible with the mobile device. The Files and images on the website should be compressed and optimized, and the response time taken by the website should be kept in check.

Optimizing Mobile

We need no rocket science to understand the fact that the mobile platform will be used extensively by the users and would be very crucial for any business. Voice searches are growing at a very rapid pace on mobile. Thus, it has become of very high importance to optimize the website on the mobile platform. Because if that is not done properly, there will be an increase in the number of bounce rates, as it will reduce user engagement.

Write as you speak

The marketers have to understand that there is a stark difference in the manner in which a certain language is spoken and written. Therefore, you need to include such kind of keywords on your website that are used by the users in their daily basis. This technique will not only help your website to rank higher among the voice searches, but will also play an essential role in implementing the hyper-local strategy. Try and include some informal language/ words in your content as while applying voice searches, people don’t speak as formally as they would write. Thus, include long-tail keywords in your content so that the users would find the content more related to their query.

Local Searches

As mentioned earlier, local searches will play a vital role in defining how well you optimize the voice searches for SEO in 2020. According to research, 22% of the voice searches only look for local-based content on the internet. Therefore, it become essential for your website or brand to produce local content so that while the user is opting for the voice search, your website will appear on the list. Try using phrases like 'near me', 'top options', etc. Getting accurate Local search results will help to drive organic traffic to your website and increase your brand awareness among the targeted audience.

Optimize voice searches to build your brand

Despite the dynamically changing business scenario, one thing that has stood constant through time is the 'importance of customer' in the business. To build your brand using voice searches, you need to determine the content on your website according to the preference and dislikes of the customer. You need to customize your content in such a manner that it should always come on the first page of the searches used by the customer. Also, believe in the omnichannel approach while building your brand. Apart from putting the right kind of keywords, make sure to put the links of the related features so that the customers would find a reason to spend more time on your website. It will also help in building a relationship with new customers and strengthening it with the existing ones.

Voice Search will increase your rankings

Make no mistake that the competition in the next decade will be more than the previous one, and one thing you can't afford is to lag behind. Optimizing SEO for voice searches through the help of SEO Experts will help your website to feature among the top of its genre and will increase the overall ranking. The increased rank will bring in for you more organic customers and will help your brand grow effectively in the long run. Including the best practices for SEO optimization will allow you to implement the voice assistant technique prudently.

If the SEO optimization is on point, your voice search page will load 52% faster than the average page, thus increasing your chances of getting the business. This, in return, will have higher social media engagements on all the leading social media platforms.



The world is moving towards more voice-related search option, and it will be wiser for your organization to stay with the trend as it is destined to become a phenomenon. Investing in voice search will increase your user base and thus having a positive impact on revenue and online purchases. Ecommerce giant Amazon has already invested $1.8 million in voice searches, which is going to increase up to $40 million by the year 2022. Thus optimizing your SEO with respect to the voice searches will be one of the key factors to excel in the business in the new decade and stay ahead of your peers.