Why You Need to Continue Marketing to Your Current Customers

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Why you must continue marketing even to your current customers

Your customers rarely think about you or your business. Surprised? It is the awful truth. What they are thinking about is their own lives.

Like,Guest Posting when do they do the laundry? Do they need to get milk from the grocery this evening? Does the lawn needs mowing? Does the car need a change of oil? How do they balance the checkbook? And so on and so forth. Not to mention the fact that each of your clients is processing thousands and thousands of information that they can barely focus on a few things at a time.

So how can they think of you with all these distractions? It makes sense therefore for you to market on a regular basis.

Most business owners make the mistake of never following up with the customers they already have just because they believe that they do not need to repeat themselves anymore with the benefits they can have. Their customers have tried them and would already know the advantages of engaging in business with them.

However, we also know for a fact that many businesses do a horrible job of selling again to their current customers. Why? Precisely because they do not make it their priority to market to their current customers. Unfortunately, it costs more to promote your business to potential customers than to sell your new products to your current clients.

So going back to the basic premise that your customers are rarely thinking about you, it follows then that if you do not regularly communicate with them, you are losing money. They are not thinking about you all the time. Period. Hence, you need to go back again and again to maintain your status of value and worth to them.

This is also the reason why you do not get the referrals you want from your current customers. You are not getting in touch with them that often so they do not remember you when they are talking to their acquaintances, especially to those who might have a need for your products and services. You are simply not at the top their minds.

I cannot say this enough – you need to communicate regularly if you want your customers to remember you and refer you to the others. As they say, out of sight, out of mind. You would not want them to finally leave you and buy from the competition that has the sense to continue to market even with brochure printing. Their print brochures are continuously getting your customers’ attention so they get to be at the forefront of their minds.

Need I say more?

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