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A wedding during the Christmas Holiday season can be a joyful and magical event. The wedding theme is very easy to choose and the decorations can be from the whimsical to an all out red wedding.

When planning a wedding the first thing that is decided is the wedding date. Usually the more time you have between the engagement and the wedding,Guest Posting the smoother things will go. So you sit with your fiancée with a calendar trying to find the perfect weekend to set the date so that all your friends and family can attend.
You´ll probably try to avoid vacations and holidays such as Christmas and New Year´s. However, sometimes it´s precisely during these periods of time when most people can take some time off as vacation time or to travel, and be able to assist to the wedding.  If you decide to set a wedding date during a holiday season, you have to make sure that the extra expenses associated with a holiday season don´t become a factor.
A wedding during the Christmas season can be a wonderful event to add excitement to a wedding. You can have a Christmas tree and receive gusts with a small presents. Little touches throughout the day like tying small Christmas stockings to the back of chairs can also add to the sparkle of the season. The wedding centerpieces can be made with poinsettias, and decorated with red and silver bows. Ask the caterer for different Christmas menus that you can choose from.
A Christmas wedding will most likely be indoors because of the season, this gives you a great opportunity to decorate the wedding with a Christmas theme. One of the most difficult decisions for a bride and groom is deciding the theme of the wedding, if you´re getting married during this season, the theme is very easy. The next step will be deciding if you want the wedding during the day or at night. Once that is decided you can choose the colors that will be the pattern for everything else, such as the color of the wedding bouquet, centerpieces, linens, invitations, and more. The most traditional colors are red, white, and green. If you choose this color combination you can have for example, red roses wedding bouquet, red rose’s centerpieces, and white linens. Another color palette could be a silver and white palette. You can have tall centerpieces made of white painted “trees” with silver ornaments hanging from them. The linens can be all white and the reception area can be decorated with tiny white lights all around the room. A white wedding bouquet can be made of white tulips or white roses. If you want to go all out, you can have a gold or gold and red color palette for the wedding. A wedding bouquet to coordinate with a gold palette could be a bouquet made of pure white roses and hand tied with a gold ribbon. You can leave little boxes filled with chocolate and wrapped in red velvet with a gold ribbon on each guests table.
Even though for many couples a Christmas wedding is not their first choice, you can be sure that sure family and friends will love joining the couple in an already festive season.

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