Top 10 Tips for Wedding Decorations

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An Indian wedding is known to be an impressive affair and one of the reasons why the whole atmosphere is so lively and buoyant is due to the wedding decorations that are so colorful and vivacious.

The wedding decorations that you choose for the engagement,Guest Posting mehendi, sangeet party, wedding day, mandap and tilak and kalash can add a lot to the overall look and feel of the wedding venue. There are various wedding decoration ideas that you can choose from and it is a good idea to sit with your friends and relatives and discuss these aspects so that you can do some brainstorming. Irrespective of the kind of décor and wedding decoration that you choose to go with, some tips that will help have been listed for your consideration.

1.The choice of the wedding decorations should be appropriate. White flowers alone may not be the best flowers to choose for an Indian wedding since it is considered to be a color of mourning. Indian wedding colors include red, maroon, bright orange, pink, green and shades of these colors.

2.Choose a color scheme for each event and stick to it for all the wedding decorations that are done for that day. So if you choose red flowers for the wedding day decor, the colors of the flowers should not clash with the table cloth or the center piece décor.

3.If you opt for wedding decorations that involve fresh flowers, then you may need to ensure that the flowers are fresh when the party starts. Wilted flowers can really spoilt he look of the whole place even if the flowers that you have chosen are the most exquisite ones. The vendor should be specifically instructed about this aspect so that he does not dump his old rotten flowers on to your wedding venue.

4.Using traditional flowers like the marigold and rose may seem passé but these can never go wrong.

5.Even though flowers can be the mainstay of all wedding decorations, think of other traditional objects like diya’s, scented candles, wind chimes, bells, ribbons and satin can be used to give the wedding venue a nice look.

6.Rangoli is another way in which you can bring out the ethnicity of the wedding decorations by making a colorful one at the entrance to welcome guests.

7.Don’t forget to pay special attention to the lighting that is being planned in the wedding hall or the wedding venue. This is because all the wedding decorations can come to naught if the lighting has not been done in a manner that accentuates the look.

8.The mandap should be decorated with prime colors that attract attention. After all it is the canopy under which you shall be married. Use striking colors like gold and red, orange and silver, pink and green or any other striking combination that you like.

9.If you are particularly fond of the western look, use the pastel colors and netted drapes and carnations for the wedding reception, where the look will be relevant and appropriate too.

10.Keep an eye on the wedding cost as you decide the various kinds of wedding décor options. Make a list of all the functions and events for which you will need decorations and then go ahead and assign a cost to each of these, starting from the mandap decorations that are a must to mehendi decorations that can even be done on your own if you are running out of budget.

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