The REAL, Yet Hidden, Power of Network Marketing

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Network ... is ... or at least it can be.Word of mouth is as old as the human race and with the ... of people online, the Internet has taken that power to ...

Network marketing is POWERFUL,Guest Posting or at least it can be.

Word of mouth is as old as the human race and with the sheer
numbers of people online, the Internet has taken that power to new

Unfortunately, however, the Internet has hit some all time lows with
it as well.

With so many caught up in 'instant' sales and 'instant' profits, a
general attitude of simply 'sell whatever you think will sell' has
evolved and sorely damaged the name of network marketing.

However, what's worse, the 'sell whatever you think will sell'
attitude has HIDDEN from view one of the most valuable GEMS
of knowledge all network marketers should be fully aware of.

Products do NOT sell themselves. People sell them.
People do NOT recruit themselves. YOU recruit them.

PASSION and BELIEF in your business are the ONLY elements
that can both provide motivation to you and attract and testify to
your potential customers or recruits WHY they should investigate
you or your business further.

Honestly, network marketing is not that easy. Internet marketing is
not the 'breeze' many would have you believe. Sure, you can
achieve tremendous results because of the potential it presents, but,
like anything, it will take some effort.

Now, what better to give you the day in and day out motivation you
need to succeed than to passionately believe in your business?

People that excel in work or play do so because they work whole
heartedly toward their goals. Now how easy can that be when
working with a program you joined simply because you 'think' it will
sell? Are you still going to care about it once you realize the 'quick
and easy' profits are not coming in?

Now turn things around. Think simply about human nature. When
was the last time you saw an in depth interview on television of
someone who was unemployed, poor, and struggling to get by? I
don't mean to put anyone down who is suffering from hard times,
I've been there too often myself, but do we really care what
someone in that position has to say?

No! We look to those who are successful, excelling, and at the top
of their profession for inspiration. Those are the people we admire,
make into our heroes, and try to emulate.

Why? Because that's where we ALL want to be and we want to
KNOW how they did it!

And what was it that drove those people to be in that enviable

PASSION and BELIEF in themselves and what they are doing!

Simply put, DON'T try selling what you THINK will sell, get into a
program or set of products that endorses a CONCEPT you believe
in or has a real VALUE you can express to others.

I guarantee it will provide you more motivation to keep yourself
working to meet your goals AND it will attract more other people
to you as they see how what you are doing is important in your own

Obviously, this can be as simple as only endorsing re-sell items that
you have found valuable to your own self, or as dynamic as getting
involved with organizations that can really make a difference in
people's lives or their environment.

What you believe in is up to you, but there is MORE money to be
made in following your beliefs and passions, and showing them to
others, than falling into the deadly trap of trying to 'sell what you
think will sell'.

THAT is the REAL power behind network marketing, and your
key to a more successful, enjoyable and meaningful life.

Do you BELIEVE in protecting your Environment and Planet?
What if you had the chance to work with those who shared your
vision? Raise funds for important organizations and earn residual
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Written by Joe Bingham of the NetPlay Newsletter

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