Overcoming Adversity through Inner Wisdom

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'What is inner wisdom?' You ask? Your inner wisdom, or “intuition” is what sometimes compels you to speak, act, or think...

Adversity seems to be a strong and difficult word…and sometimes,Guest Posting it can be if we allow it to get the better of us. Unfortunately, some of us encounter it and we become emotionally and even mentally paralyzed from moving ahead in life.

Our higher consciousness tells us what we need to do to get us through the difficult times in our lives, but we are often guilty of not listening to it. When we use our God-given inner wisdom, however, we are able to see through the murky waters and wade to new horizons.

“What is inner wisdom?” You ask? Your inner wisdom, or “intuition” is what sometimes compels you to speak, act, or think. It is the driving force that inspires, motivates, and initiates ideas, actions, and communications. With intuition, you are being guided by an internal Spiritual Force that wants you to achieve greatness in life. Overcoming adversity is just one of its many objectives.

When was the last time you really cued into its messages? Your inner wisdom is there for you whenever you need it. All you must do is listen. What is your inner voice telling you? When adversity appears, what do you do? Do you climb over it, circumvent it, go through it, or walk away from it? By listening to your intuition, you tap into inner knowledge that allows you to find clarity in the moment. This clear vision mobilizes you and gives you the ability to think rationally, and to take the correct course of action to overcome it.

Focus is paramount in enhancing your intuition; and practice perfects your innate wisdom. By practicing a 10-15 minute meditation on a daily basis, we learn how to better listen and define what our inner wisdom is telling us. In doing so, we not only learn how to prevent or contend adversity, but how to move beyond it successfully when and if it occurs. Isn’t it time you moved forward in life?

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Overcoming Adversity through Inner Wisdom

By Joan Marie Whelan

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