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Beats sell like wildfire and you need to get the gasoline if you want to catch on to this crazy event! You can sell beats online with websites like Soundclick, just read this article to learn how you can become a producer today!

Beats sell faster than you could imagine,Guest Posting the market is growing like wildfire! In 2008 you would've seen 500,000 beats on Soundclick and just 1,000,000 rap songs. Now, just 2 years later the market has boomed uncontrollably! Over 1,400,000 rap songs and the number of beats has reached 1,100,000! Producers are flocking to this site left and right because people are catching on to how much money there is selling beats online.

You need to understand what is going on behind closed doors in the record industry. 50% of all money made from record sales in 2009 were made by independent record labels. Meaning majors are facing some serious competition!

I can tell you it's because of the digital age we live in today. The less known artists all over the world are getting a name by using the internet to promote themselves. Websites like YouTube and FaceBook, Google and Twitter have record labels shaking!

It's important to understand what's really going on so we can ride the wave instead of being trampled by it! The music industry is moving to be more and more independent, with smaller named artists doing better than ever... Soundclick is where YOU need to be as a producer!

+ Soundclick doesn't cost anything to sign up

+ Everyone is going online one way or another

+ Big name artists even scope SC

If you want to learn how to sell beats on Soundclick fast without wasting any time, visit or click the links in the final paragraph also called the Author/Resource Box below. You have the power to make a full time income selling beats online, so don't sell yourself short!

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