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Learn how to sell beats online as a music producer and skip the record labels! Beat selling is an art and you can sell beats today!

The number of people learning how to become a producer are increasing at an exponential rate right now. I've written this article in order to teach all my readers how to sell beats,Guest Posting for FREE! I'll explain my exact methods as best as I can :).

Let's face the facts... If you're a music producer and you're trying to sell beats online then you're in luck. There are more beat makers coming up  than at any other point in history. Using the internet as a venue, we producers can really flip the tables and take control of our happiness by working a job we love... Making music!

What I did to make my first few thousand selling beats online is...

I held an incredible sale on Exclusive Rights and promoted it on Soundclick and MySpace.

I dropped my prices to $50 per beat, Exclusive Rights. I also mentioned that you could get 5 beats for $200. I promoted using simple MySpace techniques, linking it with Soundclick.

Let me explain... Basically, I promoted my Soundclick website using my MySpace website. When my Soundclick got more plays I rose in their charts. Some days I even got to 10,000 plays a day using these free methods!

I sold a few of those $200 package deals and carefully saved up about $1,000. While I was waiting for the sales to come in, I planned and plotted my attack for a brand new company.

I took a few months to gather a huge list of beats before I even started promoting, and when I started I delivered about 10 kinds of advertisement at once.

I didn't want to limit my company to one sound, so before I promoted I locked in 3 of the hottest producers I could find. Once I had them posting up beats to the site as well, we were really creating an awesome library of music.

The second I pulled the trigger and did the product launch we saw awesome results. In it's very first month live, my company made $4k! Everybody on my production team got paid out big, and the profits were rising every month as we gained trust on the website.

After my achievements, I wrote a few eBooks on how to sell beats online. I sell them all at once for a low price. They're available at, go ahead and follow the links in my resource box to go to my site. Thanks!

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