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Sell beats and make a living doing what you love instead of working a terrible 9 to 5. If you don't love your occupation and you make hot beats then you need this article.

You don't need to listen to your parents who tell you every morning to get a real job... You know you're sitting on a gold mine and the younger generation is dominating a new market! 80% of all producers on Soundclick who are pulling in a full time income selling beats are in their teens.

You can still make money if you're older,Guest Posting but the truth is that the internet is more commonly mastered by the youth these days. You're not necessarily at a disadvantage being older unless you have no computer skills. You can always learn basic HTML and use Soundclick's template. Graphic designers are everywhere if you want your stuff to look great.

A lot of websites online claim to really be great but I only believe in two. I use Soundclick and I would also suggest using BeatSwagger. Soundclick is the beat there is, though.

Soundclick is the biggest collection of rappers on the internet, so it's still my first pick, but BeatSwagger tops all the search engines in all the important keywords. They are dominating Google meaning they're bringing in loads of customers that Soundclick is missing out on.

RocBattle is cool and it has a famous beat maker behind it all... So that gives it a cool feel. But honestly you're competing with other producers and the charts are totally biased towards whoever has the biggest click on the site. That makes honest competition impossible, but some people see success with those sites.

I recommend BeatSwagger but I actually don't use the website. My thing is to combine MySpace and Soundclick promotion. The charts on Soundclick weigh in big time.

Soundclick charts are notorious. Many people believe that the charts on Soundclick are the greatest form of spotlight online for beat makers because if you get to the top 10, you'll automatically be getting 40,000-80,000 plays per day. Those aren't fake numbers, those are numbers I've reached.

All those plays are from musicians and people trying to listen to music, that at least is for sure. Many of those plays are from the producers and rappers who are signed up on the site, though. In fact, since the rappers on Soundclick always need beats, they look to the Beats charts to find them. The viral promotion on Soundclick is extraordinary! If you start flying up in the charts you really fly.

I'm definitely not pulling your leg when I tell you that many people are making thousands of dollars every month from this site. It's impossible to miss it if you do your research... Soundclick is the perfect website for beat makers and rappers alike because it promotes the relationships between artists. I have made a great many connections through this website.

You can be making thousands monthly from this site so I hope you take into consideration what I'm trying to get across. It's an amazing opportunity and you have the power to make your future as a beat maker!

If you want to learn more about how to sell beats online and make some serious cash from Soundclick, I would go to and at least sign up for the free mailing list. If you want to learn the advanced material fast, you need to purchase the eBooks, but that's up to you. The mailing list is free and you'll receive tips weekly.

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