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I want to talk about how to sell beats online using a mailing list. Remember that beat selling can be easily achieved by any level of marketer as long as you have some tight beats. Having said that,Guest Posting I suppose the first tip I will give you is to work on your beats... I didn't even bother trying to post my beats online until I was sure that my music was as hot as it could be.

Producers definitely don't take email marketing seriously enough for the most part. Many beat makers don't even have an opt in form on their website, which is stupid because Soundclick has a free mailing list form available to even non VIP members.

It's not about how many emails you got or how big your list is, it's simply about just how targeted you can get. I love grabbing emails from new clients because I find that they're extremely likely to buy, buy and buy again. If you have a small list of 1,000 people but all of them have bought from you in the past, it's very possible that you can make $100-$200 PER beat you post within the first few days of it being posts.

The thing is, a buyer is a buyer is a buyer. This means that if they buy from you once, they're extremely likely to buy from you again. If you're not adding them to your mailing list before the conversation has ended, then you are missing out on a huge market of possibility.

A lot of people talk about how giving away free beats is the way to go, but I tend to disagree these days. Though they are targeted emails, they are going to bring less money in the long run because there is no proof that they're interested buyers. Instead, I advertise that email list members will receive discounts on purchases. That way, I know everybody adding themselves to my list is interested in actually paying for beats.

Just remember that having a mailing list with 1,000 buyers is much better than having a mailing list with 100,000 guys wanting freebies.

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