People club department: coal steel industry this year will be 1.8 million shunt staffing

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labor situation of steel and iron industry

Foreign media,Guest Posting according to China's ministry of human resources and social security minister Yin weimin 29, said China's coal and steel industry this year to dissolve excess capacity involved in 130 and 500000 respectively, and the shunt staffing this year the employment situation is more complex task.


According to Reuters news agency reported on February 29, Mr Yin in the scio press conference said: "the media, some people questioned for employment data are accurate, I can responsibly say to everybody, the stand or fall of employment situation is not only reflected in the employment data, everyone from the surrounding, can be observed from the market."


According to Russian satellite news reported on February 29, about how to put the problem of laid-off workers, Yin weimin, the government encourages enterprises to mining potential, existing in the enterprise interior to staffing. Implement internal TuiYang to eligible employees. The worker cannot implement market employment difficulties, the government will set up public welfare jobs for the palm.


China's vice minister of industry and information technology on February 25, Mr. Feng has said that China's central government decided to set up special prize money, industrial enterprise structure adjustment funds for two years 100 billion yuan to solve the worker housing, staff transferred, skills training, etc.


Reported that since this year, the Chinese government attaches great importance to dissolve the steel coal industry overcapacity problem. China's state council on February 4th file points out, on the basis of the backward steel production capacity in recent years, beginning in 2016, with 5 years and then reduce crude steel production capacity of 100 million - 150 million tons and a compressed coal production capacity.


According to South Korea's chosun ilbo newspaper net reported on February 29, global economic stagnation of weak demand, let the world steel industry suffered a severe recession situation like wind fallen leaves and desolate. Each big iron and steel company in order to survive, are for sale or closing factories, such as large-scale layoffs harsh structure adjustment.


According to the report, China is dominated by the government to structural adjustment. In October last year, China's 101 large iron and steel company in the home of the 48 losses, visible severe situation.


Is not only the Chinese, the iron and steel industry structure adjustment is the world's trend. The world iron and steel company are speeding up close, sell, merge the pace of the factory.

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