What is 6th sense?

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Sixth sense or extrasensory perception (ESP) is an ability to perceive the subtle dimension or the unseen world of angels, ghosts, heaven, etc.

Sixth sense (ESP) includes the ability to understand the subtle cause and effect relationship behind many events beyond the understanding of the intellect.

The subtle world is made up of five cosmic elements (earth,Guest Posting water, fire, air and ether) which cannot be seen. Though we cannot perceive this world which impacts our lives to a great extent, we can tune into it using our 'spiritual antenna' i.e. our sixth sense (ESP). Sixth sense (ESP) can be developed by doing spiritual practice, according to the five basic principles of Spirituality which increases our spiritual level and enables us to perceive and experience the subtle world to greater degrees.

 Subtle information can be perceived by either:

1) Letting a subtle entity use one's hand to write the message (automatic writing)

2) By a vision where one can see the words or passages in front of one's eyes, or

3) Through thoughts. Receiving the answer in thoughts is most subtle among the three ways.

Subtle knowledge is received from either of the following sources:

1) Automatically due to the ability to tap into the Universal Mind and Intellect, or

2) As answers to questions asked by one to subtle entities using one's sixth sense (ESP) through the medium of one's subtle mind and intellect.

Which person will receive knowledge through the subtle intellect will depend on a number of reasons. The spiritual level of a person is one of the key factors in deciding which person receives knowledge from the subtle. Other factors include: motivation and intense yearning of the person, necessity for God's mission, resolve and blessings of a spiritual guide beyond the 70% spiritual level, and destiny of the person.

Sometimes people have premonitions of things to happen or a gut feel of events that have happened in the past. This is possible in two ways.

One way is through subtle bodies like ghosts from the nether region or hell. If the ghost or subtle body does not have this ability, it gets the information from higher-level ghosts like higher sorcerers with this ability.

The second is by accessing the Universal Mind and Intellect. There are seven layers to the Universal Mind and Intellect. Depending on one's grade of sixth sense (ESP), a person may be able to tap into a lower or higher layer of the Universal Mind and Intellect.

A person at the spiritual level of 40% generally receives knowledge from a subtle body of a corresponding spiritual level i.e. 40%, however the accuracy and the grade of the knowledge received through their sixth sense (ESP) is also 40%.

Up to the spiritual level of 70%, the receipt of knowledge through sixth sense (ESP) is more likely to be from ghosts, and hence it is accompanied by a proportion of black energy which creates various problems in one's life. Those unaware of the mechanisms of the receipt of knowledge through their sixth sense (ESP) may be ignorant of this aspect and hence blindly believe in all the knowledge received. The subtle bodies usually give some correct knowledge at the outset to garner belief. Once this is established, they give varied degrees of incorrect or misleading information.

Sixth sense (ESP) is to be used only for spiritual growth towards God-Realisation which is the ultimate in spiritual growth. From a purely spiritual perspective, it is considered misuse when sixth sense (ESP) is used for anything else, such as worldly matters. When sixth sense (ESP) is misused by a person who is psychic, over time two things happen. One is that the ability is lost over a 30 year period. The second is that the person becomes target of higher level ghosts which initially give some genuine information, enough to gain the confidence of the person. However they later mislead them and the people they are guiding. In such cases, their psychic ability lasts for longer periods and may appear to have improved steadily. But this psychic ability is not by virtue of the person but because of the higher level ghosts guiding the psychic. In such cases, the rare gift of sixth sense available to the person that could have been utilised for God-realisation is wasted on lesser matters.



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