4 Ways to build your online credibility

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One of the biggest problems for new sites is not only to how to build up their web traffic, but also how to make their site credible once people actually start showing up. There are many simple and usually free ways that you can use to show that your site is here to be a resource to online customers.

1. Create lots of keyword rich content.

The more information on your site,Guest Posting the better. You might not make a sale from the first visit, but if you establish your site as an information resource, the search engines will visit more often and your web visitors will also return more often. Over time, you will build up a steady momentum where your new content is indexed regularly by the major search engines and you are bringing in new and unique customers on a regular basis.

2. If you are selling your own product, make sure that your customers can get in touch with you.

If you want to add a real personal touch, move beyond email and offer telephone support. You can set up the parameters and only accept calls during business hours, or you can use a system where customers will leave you a message and then return their calls later.

There’s also free instant messenger.
If you are online throughout the day, let your customers know and they can contact you for free via Yahoo, MSN or AOL instant messenger. They’re all free so you can even get a copy of all three and log in when you are available for live help.

3. Put up an online picture.

If you really want a personal touch, put up a picture on your main page and link it to a brief profile with information about your background. In my experience, most of the successful online entrepreneurs are people who have built up successful businesses or careers offline. If you have a particular degree, or certification or years of experience in any one area, let your site visitors know. It’s another way to make your website stand out and become a trusted online resource.

4. Create an opt-in email list
Opt-in lists take time and work.

If you publish a regular newsletter and slowly build up your email list, it shows that you plan to be online for a very long time and that you are dedicated to your topic. In addition, you will build up a huge newsletter archive with tons of content that you can post online to build your page rank and get more site visitors.

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