Pay Per Click Success Secrets - 6 Top Common Mistakes for New Beginners in PPC Online Advertising

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Within this article, you will discover and learn top most common mistakes for new affiliate marketing entrepreneurs, who are using pay-per-click (PPC) search engines especially Adwords to drive traffic to affiliate website, and PPC advertisers. Avoiding those mistakes can help you boost skyrocket the opportunities to earn top affiliate commission through PPC online advertising, particularly in Adwords.

For new affiliate marketing entrepreneurs,Guest Posting it is an absolutely great idea to learn from other experiences and mistakes to maximize the profits online through PPC online advertising. The following PPC advertising mistakes have been proven that they are top most common mistakes for people who are advertising their affiliate marketing products in Adwords.

PPC Advertising Mistake #1: Enable the Content Network Feature.

With the content network feature, your advertisement will be placed in the Google's network partnerships. You will get the low quality of traffic and conversion rate if you do not know exactly what you are doing with this feature. Thus, for all new beginners, turning the content network feature off is a great idea. Of course, you can drive a lot of traffic through the content network, but there is a doubt that those new beginners can not turn that traffic into sale. With low conversion rate, you can not earn big affiliate commission on the internet.

PPC Advertising Mistake #2: Insert Too Many Keywords per Ad-Group.

Many studies reveal that most new PPC advertisers and affiliate marketing entrepreneurs, who are using PPC online advertising search engines to drive the traffic, are including too many keywords per ad-group. They expect to put as many as keywords they can in the ad-group. Some of them dump over thousand keywords into the ad-group. That is the big mistake for high relevancy and the quality score in Adwords. There is a rule of thumb for putting the keywords in the ad-group. The maximum keywords per ad-group should be twenty-five (25) keywords. It is very difficult to build the high relevancy between keywords and ad-copy if you insert more than twenty-five (25) keywords per ad-group.

PPC Advertising Mistake #3: Use Only Broad Match Type.

There are four types in Adwords for you to maximize the search feature and reach wider range of potential buyers: (1) broad keywords (2) phrase keywords (3) exact keywords and (4) negative keywords. Most new beginners normally use only broad keywords for their PPC campaigns. This is another big mistake for building high successful and profitable PPC online campaigns in Adwords. Practically, you must insert those four types of keywords into your online campaigns. With those four types, you will maximize the power of keywords' benefit and searching. Also, you can probably reach wider range of potential buyers with those all keyword types.

PPC Advertising Mistake #4: Set Low Daily Budget.

This is one of the biggest common mistakes for all new beginners, particularly new affiliate marketing entrepreneurs who are using Adwords to earn affiliate commission. With low daily budget, a number of traffic will be low definitely as well. Many researches reveal that if you need more traffic, it is easiest to raise your daily budget in order to increase the traffic to your website. Obviously, you can not probably drive a ton of traffic with low daily budget in the keyword-targeted campaigns in Adwords.

PPC Advertising Mistake #5: Bid Too High Keyword Bid Price.

It is obvious that most new affiliate marketing entrepreneurs and PPC advertisers have no their own keyword bidding strategies. As a result, they are bidding too high keyword price. The basic strategy for bidding is to compute the following factors: (1) cost (2) paid affiliate commission and (3) conversion rate. You should get better understand your own return on investment and profit margin. With this sense, you will avoid bidding too high keyword price and a bidding war in Adwords. The highest recommendation is to avoid the keyword bidding war.

PPC Advertising Mistake #6: Use Irrelevancy Keywords.

Most of new beginners are using general keywords and they expect to convert well with those keywords. Honestly, you must avoid general keywords if you are looking for high conversion rate. It has been proven that those general keywords generate very low conversion rate. The conversion rate is a number of potential buyers, which you can turn into customers. To generate specified and high targeted keywords for high conversion rate, you have to think deeper and dig down those general keywords.

Final thoughts, learning from other mistakes is a smart approach to move forward to your goal. In this article, you have learnt top most common mistakes for people who are using Adwords to promote their affiliate marketing products or even their own products and earn affiliate commission on the internet. Those top most common mistakes are to: (1) turn on the content network feature (2) insert too many keywords in each ad-group (3) use only broad keyword type (4) set low daily budget (5) bid too high keyword bid price and (6) use irrelevancy keywords.

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