A Strange Affinity For My Winter Boots

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Some people can be so in love with a pair of shoes that they want to wear them even when they’re completely inappropriate for the season. I am one of those people because I feel bad all summer long because I can’t wear my cute winter boots. Since it is too hot outside, I have to tuck my boots away in the closet until the weather gets cold enough again.

The winter boots that I am in love with are tan and chunky. They also have huge treaded soles that make them look like work boots. I can walk right through deep puddles if I am wearing my special winter boots with the huge soles. It feels as though I have the ability to walk on water. Wearing my winter boots adds two whole inches to my height as well as keeps my feet warm and dry. They’re attractive and look cute when worn with a pair of jeans.

I’m always tempted to wear my winter boots in the summer when it’s raining,Guest Posting even though I know that by the end of the day my feet will be miserable and hot. I know that my feet will be happy for those first few hours after I put them on. I will also be happy when I look down and see them at the bottom of my jeans.

Strangely, I have a similar desire to wear inappropriate footwear in the winter as well. I can suddenly change my mind and not care so much about my boots. Suddenly, all I want in the world is to be able to wear sandals again. I especially adore flip flops because it’s like walking around barefoot. The feeling that I am walking around in bare feet covered only by flip flops is the only feeling that I love more than actually walking around in my bare feet.

I had never liked a pair of winter boots I owned before last winter. In the past, my boots were purely functional and I owned them only for emergency situations. I only wore them when I have to walk through and stand in snow up to my calf just to clear my car off so I could get it out of the driveway.  I am looking forward to snow because I know that it means a chance to wear my fashionable winter boots again.

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