How to protect picture frames during shipping ?

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Yes, we all know that picture frame is used to protect our artwork but what about the securtiy of picture frame itself during migration, shipping etc. So in order to protect picture frame, we need to follow these general steps mentioned in this article from Paintboxsoho. Seller of frame must cover or pack picture frame in such a way that even UV rays can't damage it while dispatching.


Personalized picture frames are a perfect way to store your most cherished memories. People cherish golden moments of their lives in these frames and feel nostalgic about the precious time they spent with their family & friends. A personalized picture frames preserves your exquisite memories and you can go down into your memory lane while seeing those pictures. Not only custom picture frame adorns your home but can also be treated as a perfect give-away which is always well received by the recipient.

Art is a form of human creation that comes out from our imaginations and thinking’s it takes a lot of hard work to create a piece of art work. But it is very much necessary to protect them so that the representation of the art work is not damaged and the creation is not harmed in anyway. Sometimes protecting this art work becomes an issue as it costs somewhere equivalent to the cost of creating the artwork. People must have a fair idea about the material they choose to protect their art worked and the style they will use that will enhance the quality of the artwork. People can do the custom art framing of their artwork by themselves and they can also ask the professionals to do the work of custom art framing for them.

How to protect custom picture frame

Surely,Guest Posting it protects the picture inside it, but what about the protection of the custom picture frame? If you want to use your photo frame for a longer period of time then make sure you don't neglect frame's safety. Below we have given some tips on how to protect the custom picture frame from getting damaged.

  • Scorching sun-rays can damage your frame and image while shipping. Ensure that sun rays do not fall directly on the museum quality framing. Highly damaging ultra violet rays may fade away your priceless pictures. So, protect them from direct exposure to sun. If you can't keep them away from sun rays, buy museum quality framing with UV protected glazing.

  • Safeguard your picture frame while you are moving your home because most frames get damaged when people move from one home to other. To avoid any breakage or scratch mark, wrap it securely in bubble wrap or soft towels. This will protect it from any kind of deterioration.

  • Protect the picture framing against humidity & moisture as moisture can seep into your frame, bending the image inside it while shifting. Keep the picture framing away from the areas that have higher concentration of moisture like bathrooms and kitchens. Don't allow your picture to stick to glazing because of humidity.

  • Most of us use spray cleaners for cleaning frames. A spray cleaner makes the glazing of your frame clouded and excessive rubbing it with a cloth can make scratches on it. So avoid excessive use of spray cleaners.

Without frames, we would not have been able to store our lovable memories. By decorating our walls with these beautiful picture frames we can refresh our interiors and cherish our priceless memories.

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