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Choosing shoes and heel heights. Flat shoes, low heel, mid heel, high heel or wedges.  Women’s shoes have a great variety of heel heights to choose from. 

Flat shoes,Guest Posting low heel, mid heel, high heel or wedges.  Women’s shoes have a great variety of heel heights to choose from.  The height of the heel is usually connected with comfort.  We think of women’s shoes as providing more comfort when they have a lower heel. But there are other factors to take into consideration when deciding whether a flat heel or a pair of high heels is the most comfortable pair of shoes. 

If you compare a beautiful Italian soft pair of leather high heel shoes to a pair of flat shoes or low heeled shoes made in a harsh and rigid material obviously the soft leather high heels would win.  This is taking things to the extreme and on the whole, women’s shoes are more comfortable with a low heel. 

Birkenstocks are a great example of stylish women’s shoes that are flat.  Because of the famous arch support and lightweight sole they are extremely comfortable. These are just timeless women’s shoes we all like to have in our wardrobe for the days when we know we’ll be on our feet all day.

Consider whether you are going to wear your shoes mainly indoors or outdoors?  If you are buying a pair of shoes to predominantly wear in the office or workplace then you can wear shoes that have a higher heel than if you had a job that keeps you on your feet all day.  If you work behind desk you can always slip them off while you are sat down! 

If you are a nurse or shop assistant you’re going to opt for a flat pair of shoes that will be comfortable all day. There are specialist companies that supply women’s shoes especially for nurses and staff that have to spend all day on their feet.  There may not be a great style choice in women’s shoes but it’s impossible to perform effectively if your feet are throbbing all day.  And most people would agree to see a work person in inappropriate footwear is rather bizarre! 

If you are a gardener or a builder then you may wear wellingtons, boots or flat shoes that maybe reinforced with steel toe caps for protection.

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