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Many people write almost every day,Guest Posting but when it comes to really fine writing you cannot do better than choose a fountain pen, since it really does impart an element of style and sophistication that simply cannot be achieved with an average cheap ballpoint pen. The good news is that a decent fountain pen can now be bought for quite a cheap price, and so you could have the advantage of having fine writing without having to pay very much. Of course there are some expensive models on the market, and these can do great as gifts.

So what things need to be considered before buying a fountain pen? One of the first things of course, is the cost. If you are looking for something that you really use on a day-to-day basis then you should probably buy something that is not too expensive. Due to the impact of modern manufacturing techniques many cheap fountain pens still have a pretty good nib, which means that you can get a fine writing instrument without having to pay too much money. Due to the fact that most fountain pens now use ink cartridges it is also very easy to refill.

However, if you are looking to buy a fountain pen as a gift you probably will be looking to spend a little bit more money. In this case it could be worth while looking at some of the fountain pens that have a gold plated nib, because they really do make for a great present. A fine fountain pen is something that many people will keep for the rest of their life, and if you get it from one of the good suppliers you can be assured that it will be guaranteed, sometimes with a lifetime guarantee.

The good news is that even the expensive types of fountain pens also use cartridge refills which means that you can have an excellent and extensive fountain pen but without the trouble of having to fill it from an ink bottle.

There are many online suppliers of fountain pens that have a wide range available. By taking a little time and doing a bit of research you can find any type of pen to suit your needs, from a cheap model to get you used to writing with a fountain pen name, to some highly expensive models that make exquisite gifts.

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