The typical features about the non woven and non woven bags

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With the popularity of the non woven bag and reusable bag,Guest Posting most of the consumers would have the problem about what is the non woven. Today, the professional non woven bags manufacturer, which name is Deter Group, would teach you the detail description about the non woven. The deter group has devoted into this industry for many years. Their products have been included non woven bag, packing bag, PP non woven bag, non woven foldable bag and the non woven bag making machine

The non woven fabric is a nonwoven fabric which has directly made the use of polymer chips, staple fibers or filaments and through a variety of webs forming methods and consolidation techniques to form it. The non woven is one kind of new type fiber products which have the advantages such as soft and breathable. Compared to conventional plastic bags, the advantages of non-woven bags have been included cheap price, environmentally friendly and practical, widely application and prominent advertising space. The non woven products such as the non woven foldable bag and PP non woven laminated bag are applicable to all types of business activities, trade fairs and exhibitions. It is also the ideal advertising promotional gifts for enterprises and institutions.

The raw material for the non woven and non woven bags is polypropylene. On the other hand, the raw material for plastic bags is polyethylene. Although the name of two substances is similar, there are many differences in chemical structure of these chemical substances. The chemical molecular structure of the polyethylene has a very strong stability so it is extremely difficult to have degradation. One normal plastic bag needs 300 years to finish its decomposition. The chemical structure of polypropylene is not solid and the molecular chains can easily be broken, which can effectively degrade and it could go to the next step in the form of non-toxic and environmental cycle. One non woven bag can be completely decomposed in 90 days.

In a word, the non woven fabric is the cloth which does not need the process of woven. So, we call it non woven. From the website , we could know that we just need make the short textile fibers or filaments have the randomly oriented or support columns to form a network structure of fiber. And then, we use the mechanical method, thermal or chemical methods to reach the reinforcement effect?. The majority of non woven bags are made of the non woven.

We would explain it in a simple way. The non-woven fabric is not made by yarn intertwined and knotted. It is only the fiber bonding through physical methods. So when you get your clothes?¯ stick, you will find that you cannot spare a root of the thread. The nonwovens have broken through the traditional textile principle and have the advantages of short processing, high production speed, high yield, low cost, versatile and more sources of raw materials.

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