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Trail saddle is important equipment for horse riding. At holtzsaddle we provide you the most comfortable and easy fitting trail saddles. At holtzsaddle we deal in all saddles categorically.

Our main priority is customer satisfaction. Many professional riders and horse club members order trail saddle from our website. The manufacturing of these saddles is completed in our company factory. Our saddles are the best quality. The ropes and strings attached to the saddles are flexible and strong. Pads of trail saddles firmly grip your feet and ease you through out the ride. Our saddle pads are make of wool and you never feel discomfort while journey. 
Whereas price is concerned we give the maximum concession to all of our customers. Our best selling American Saddlery Happy Trails Saddle whose market price is $330 but we sale it for $259. You can easily compare our prices with other saddle traders. On our website holtzsaddle we list the price of every type of saddle. Our concession rate is usually 15 to 20%. It is easily affordable for every professional rider. 
There are different types of trail saddle at holtzsaddle. We also provide saddles in kid’s sizes. Big Horn Cordura Trail saddle is one of our best selling brands. It has a comfortable rough suede leather seat. Quilted rough seats specially design for jokies to give them extra comfort. Leather of the seat is two inch thick. Its color is brown or black leather seat with black strings. Its total weight is 15lbs. We sale it for $419 whereas it’s market price is $550. 
We offer different categories on our website. You have many choices. You can select different modes for shopping. You may choose saddles by brand,Guest Posting by sale price or by categories of saddle. Abetta, American Saddlery and Tex tan are some brands available at our site. 

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