How Should I Start to Train my Dog

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This article seeks to give a simple overview of how should i start to train my dog. It differentiates between training a new born puppy and older dogs.

With regards to how should I start to train my dog,Guest Posting it depends whether you have gotten a newly born puppy or an older dog. If it is a new born puppy, you are starting on a clean slate. Everything have to be started fresh. You can decide what commands and signals to use for whatever behaviour you wanted her to do.

The 3 main areas your training in order of priority would be potty and house training, behaviour training and tricks.

Potty and House Training your puppy

This is the first and most important thing that you need to train your new born puppy. After all, you wouldn't want her to pee and poo over all your furniture. New born puppies need to relieve themselves every 2 hours. Therefore, for the first few weeks, establish a routine with her for her toilet needs. Bring her outdoors every 2 hours and lead her to the same place every time for her to relieve herself.

Make sure that she gets used to going to the same place. Wait for her to finish and reward her with treats for doing it right. As time passes, the time between each toilet break would be lengthened. Before long, all that is needed is to bring her out twice a day.

In the meantime, you may also want to consider setting an area within the house where you want her to pee and poo. This is in case, you would not be able to bring her outdoors so often. This is so as to prevent accidents from happening.

You can mark out the site with a potty pad and spray it with potty spray around the edges and direct her to it every time she pees or poos.

How should I start to train my dog to stop unwanted behaviours

The next form of training is behaviour training. These include barking at every passerby, whining, scratching, biting, digging and jumping.

You would need a lot more patience in behaviour training. Most of her unwanted behaviour has to do with an natural innate traits.

To train her not to do such behaviours, you would need to use both coercion , punishment and reward very lavishly. For example, if she keeps jumping on you, she is trying to shower affection on you.

Therefore, to break this habit, whenever she does that, withdraw your attention and turn your back on her. Come back to her moments later. Repeat this until she learns to wait patiently for your attention without jumping. When she does that, reward her lavishly with more attention and treats. This is to let her know that the only way to get your attention is not to jump on you.


Finally, there are tricks that you can teach your dog. Simple tricks that you can teach your dogs easily include paw, high five, stand on hind legs. More complex tricks requiring more time would include rollover, play dead and dancing.

How should I train my dog if it is not a new born puppy

The major difference from the above is to first determine what sort of training she already has. What cues does she respond to, for example, simple commands like Sit, Stay, Come.

Also take note of her toilet behaviour, has she been potty or house trained. How does she goes about doing her business.

Once you have gotten a fairly good idea, you can proceed to train her as above, bearing in mind what kind of tone and commands she is used to in her previous training. Just note that she may take a lot more time and patience to train her than for a newly born puppy.

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