Some Simple Tips on Shih Tzu Puppy Training

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To have a well-balanced Shih Tzu in your house, you need to know some tips on puppy training. The techniques on building relationship, fixing behavior problems, and training your dog become obedient are just some examples.

Shih Tzu Puppy Training

The joys of having a Shih Tzu puppy,Guest Posting which is also called a lion dog and chrysanthemum dog, is incomparable. You will appreciate its cute and cuddly appearance, soft and smooth fur, and adoring eyes that make it one of the most desirable pets around. Its quality as an excellent guard dog despite its small size is a bonus!

Like all dog breeds, however, you must train your lion dog to integrate fully into human society whilst staying true to its natural tendencies and temperaments. You can achieve this through proper puppy training, of which many benefits can be had.

Build Good Relationships

The basis of a good relationship with your Shih Tzu puppy is trust, which should be nurtured from the first contact. When you have mutual trust, your pet will follow your commands without the attendant displeasure, confusion and anxiety present in most untrained puppies.  Of course, your pet and the people around you will appreciate your relationship. For one thing, your dog will follow commands that can put it out of harm's way specifically with dog fights. For another thing, your family members and neighbors will appreciate your happy pet, thanks to good puppy training. Ultimately, your relationships with your dog and with other people will benefit from a well-behaved Shih Tzu, puppy or not.

Fix Behavioral Difficulties

It must be emphasized that dogs, like people, have different temperaments although certain traits can be attributed to lion dogs. In addition to their naturally sweet, trustful and playful nature, lion dogs can be very stubborn and easily distracted as well as snappy.  Thus, if you are training your pet, always keep these general personality traits in mind.

When you do succeed in your puppy training, you will delightedly discover that your dog behavioral problems wonderfully vanish. You can say goodbye to poop and pee littering the house and the lawn, to neighbors being annoyed with your Shih Tzu's bad behavior, and to children being snapped on by a temperamental puppy. In short, you will have a healthy, happy and huggable puppy that will bring plenty of joy to the family. What more can you want in a pet?

Encourage Socialization

Amongst all the dog breeds, the lion dogs are said to be the most sociable, most affectionate and most playful. You will observe that your pet constantly craves human attention and contact, which can lead to behavioral problems with both the dog and the human kinds.

Puppy training, however, minimizes the problems associated with such an attention seeker mentality. Of course, you will train your puppy in the correct ways that he should interact around other dogs and humans. Besides, you can establish who the alpha dog is in the pack, thanks to said training. In a Shih Tzu, you must assert your authority or else you will be taken over by its arrogant and dominant qualities!

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