5 Ways to Increase Sales Online

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Finding ways to increase sales when working online is something any internet entrepreneur would naturally have an interest in.
The best place to start would be with the copy you post on your site and how it 'influences' visitors to take action!
Read on to see 5 proven & successful sales copy strategies you can choose from to use in order to boost your online sales!

Finding ways to increase sales when working online is something any internet entrepreneur would naturally have an interest in. Competition can be tough no matter within what niche you choose to work. Traffic generation takes time and effort therefore it is important to do what you can to increase your sales conversion rates when people do land on your site.

Your sales copy is the key to boosting your conversion rates and here are 5 strategies you can use that have shown success for doing just that when working online.

Social Proof

Product testimonies given by other satisfied customers gives reassurance to 'interested' people that they are making the right decision. Working online the use of social proof is quite common due to the limited 'physical' contact people can have on the internet. This goes as well for their ability or lack thereof  to actually view and touch the product being offered. Social proof serves as further validation in their buying decision!

Product Benefits

By addressing what it is the product or service can do for anyone who purchases it helps to further engage prospective buyers. People are then able to better imagine experiencing these benefits and how they will change their lives for the better. It is important to always remember that the primary concern of most people is how 'they' will benefit from something.


By offering something with a limited availability this automatically draws the curiosity of people and helps capture their attention. Know they are looking at something that may not be seen again compels many to get it while they can,Guest Posting sometimes even if their 'need' for it may not be all that strong. Having something others do not or can not have is a weird but existing human urge!

Also 'scarcity' implies strong demand and indicates it is a privilege to be in possession of what is being offered!


Another emotional 'trigger' that can persuade people to make a purchase is to present how others are enjoying success and/or satisfaction with what is being offered. It is natural for people to be envious of others and if they can share or possess what it is they are envious of, most people will take advantage!

Peer Pressure

Subtle, suggestive and impact-full, this approach is very effective at 'planting a seed' which stimulates thought and motivates the reader to take further action. Whether it is a competitive nature or something other, peer pressure can be a very influential and motivating force behind our decision making.

The absolute best way to increase sales for any internet entrepreneur is to increase the conversion rates of website visitors. Your traffic generation efforts are for the expressed purpose of increasing the flow of visitors to your site but the copy they see is what gets them to take the 'next' step!  It is here that focus should be placed insofar as to what strategy you may use when composing your sales copy. The 5 strategies reviewed here today have all shown success at getting the 'desired' reaction out of your visitors. As to which may be most effective for your business and/or target audience can only be determined by their actual application.  When working online you will find that nothing is an exact science but great improvements can be made simply through testing and tweaking. It stands to reason that if a strategy has shown success in the past it is certainly worth consideration for use in your current marketing mix as well!

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