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Have you seen advertisements encouraging you to be a secret shopper? These ads say that you can make a lot of money if you become a secret shopper. There is such a thing as a secret shopper but these ads are exaggerating. Few secret shoppers have become rich by being one. Some make a moderate living from being a secret shopper but this entails lot of hard work. Commissions involving this job are gradually going down making life difficult for secret shoppers.

Genuine secret shopper companies rarely make ads persuading people to become a secret shopper. These companies do not need to advertise because they often have more shoppers than they need. If you are interested to become a secret shopper,Guest Posting you have to do some research. Find a legitimate company and sign up. If you reside in a small town or city, finding one can be extremely difficult.

If you really desire to become a secret shopper, you need to sign up for as many companies as possible. This would give you a better chance of succeeding. This might mean spending weeks online filling out applications for hundreds of companies. You may also have to wait for a few more weeks before being notified that your application has been approved.

When you become a secret shopper, you have to look for work every day. You may be fortunate if you receive an email from a company in need of someone in your area, but more often than not, you have to search each particular site regularly to find jobs. Timing is also crucial in finding jobs. Prepare yourself to deal with long lists of websites and passwords if you want to become a secret shopper. You have to organize all your information if you want to be effective and efficient.

People who decide to be a secret shopper are often unaware of how bad the pay can be. Beginners are lucky if they can earn three or for dollars for three hours of work. One common job is buying from a gas station. You must driver there and buy the item out of your own pocket. After that you have to make a lengthy and detailed report. You will be reimbursed for your purchase but all the other expenses are your responsibility. After all that trouble you can then receive your wage that can be as little as three dollars.

You have to decide if you really want to become a secret shopper. Just keep in mind that this job is not an easy way of becoming rich. Just like other honest workers, you have to work hard to earn every penny.

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