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It is also said that a woman is known by the shoe she wears. I personally know many women who buy a separate shoe for the outfit.

High heels definitely add lots of grace to the ensemble and are an essential in a girl's wardrobe. However,Guest Posting they have been the point of contention also. Many people believe that long heels dilute the woman's personality and portray her just as an object to attract the opposite sex; a weak creature that lacks power, authority and freedom and only depend on men. Whereas, notion in favor of long heels says that women have all the right to look beautiful and are entitle to do anything to increase their feminism.

History of high heels goes back to 3500 BC. Heels first were worn by Catherine de Medici in 1533 on her wedding day to look tall. Long heels were loudly censured during feminist movement but gain substantial popularity during 1960s and 1970s.

In contemporary world, wearing high heel or not is just a matter of personal choice. The only point of contention regarding high heels remains level of comfort. Shoes with high heels are considered beautiful and graceful but not comfortable; whereas shoes with short heels are deemed not so fashionable and hip but considered quite comfortable. This article will introduce you to the kind of shoe which is known as the amazing amalgamation of style and comfort.

Wedge shoes: these shoes were introduced in 1970s and became rage instantly. This type of shoe are said to be haven sent for women who happened to be heel phone as they offer comfort and great looks in unison.

Wedge shoes have thick heel made of one piece that spans the total length of the shoe. These shoes come in various designs, styles and different size of heels from 2 inches to 5 inches. They also increase the height of wearer comparing to stiletto because wedge adds height to the area of toe with the extra platform. Although, there are wedge that comes in moderate height. Material used to make wedges also vary. One popular material is called cork; wedges with cork are extremely light, comfortable and worn casually.

Wedges are much popular among working women as it adds to the style quotient and provides the level of comfort required to be on the toes entire day. A most common and popular outfit for offices is skirt which usually looks good with long heels. If you want to wear high heels but not comfortable with stiletto; wedges are indeed the way to go.

One wedge highly recommendable for brides is shoe with Lucite heels. It creates an illusion that wearer is floating on air because sole and heel are made of transparent material. Wedges are widely being used as wedding shoes.

Another occasion that makes the shoe shopping a chore is wedding. Bride always looks for most stylish and classy shoe for wedding day; but most common mistake by brides is that they ignore the comfort factor. If a bridal shoe is not comfortable, no matter how expensive or beautiful it is, bride will never be able to carry it with grace and it will eventually water down its grace.

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Wedge shoes: these shoes were introduced in 1970s and became rage instantly.

Wedges are widely being used as wedding shoes.

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