Guides to Optimize Keywords for Online Website Ranking in Google SERPs

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In this article, we describe about the keywords relevancy in your website content. Sometimes, people won't use proper placement of keywords in Website content and worried alot about their keywords ranking. 

It is most important to rank your website in Google SERPs if you already optimized your On-page Factors such as Title tags,Guest Posting H1 Tags, and meta Descriptions.  In this article, Vipra Business describes how to optimize or usage of keywords in your website page content.


If you wish to rank your targeted keywords in Google SERPs, you need to placed in the title tag, H1 tag and Meta description. It is mandatory to place your money keyword or keyword phrase in Title tag, H1 tag and Meta description.  But, what else the other keywords appear in the website content?

 Website Page content

1) Make sure your keywords or phrases must be placed in the beginning 100 words of your web content. It would helps to boost your website ranking for your targeted keywords.

2) The placement of Keywords relevancy t is more important than its frequency. Thus, understand the importance of your targeted keywords placements in website content.  Several times, I have seen the keywords placements are not perfectly optimized for website content and worry a lot about their keywords ranking.  

3)   Here’s defines the keywords priority breakup for any SERPs(Search Engine Results pages):

a)  Meta Tags Optimization and Header Sections
b)  Body Section of web Content
c)  Side Bars and Footers

4) Your money keywords or key phrases should be appear at optimal places of your body section in your website content. Why am I talking about the keyword density here? Keyword density measures the number of keywords appears in your whole content of single website pages. In such that, If you stuff same keywords more and more, you are part of Google penalty.

 5) Your targeted keywords should be relevant to your targeted website pages. I mean to say that, you are working on “Cheap SEO Packages” your website page should describes about the    SEO Packages not other services of digital marketing.

6) Your focused keywords should be focus in your title tag, H1 tag, Meta description, body content and throughout the web content, and H2 tags.

7)  You need to understand about your key phrases or your exact matched keywords are searches by your searchers in the search engine. Because Google loves or understand the natural language queries.

8) Be careful, you should not focus or optimized your website for single key phrases because of your website will earn penalty.

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