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Financial crises, rising unemployment and uncertain world events can leave regular people feeling helpless and confused. It's important to look towards a positive future - here are some ways to do it.

Storytelling,Guest Posting some experts say, is the best way to learn. The best storytellers are able to weave positive messages into their stories without actually spelling them out.

The best ones are those who are able to tell tales of strife and hardship which anyone can relate to, but instead of plunging readers into sadness, they narrate how positive actions are able to resolve conflicts at the end of the stories.

In a world that is increasingly exposed to moral decadence, it feels good to know that there are unsung heroes out there whose lives are worth emulating.

Tales of regular folks overcoming problems and powering to positive outcomes star in the "Chicken Soup" series. The brains behind the successful brand chose the words "chicken soup" because the stories provide the same healing and therapeutic effect on a weary spirit in the same manner that soup, especially chicken, is thought to comfort and nourish an ailing body.

It doesn't really matter which particular title of the Chicken Soup series it is that you pick up. These books overflow with positive stories with the aim of inspiring, calming and motivating a troubled or worried mind.

Its main power lies in letting you know that you are not alone in your struggles in life, that there are millions of people out there facing the same or worse problems and that despite the seeming futility of any situation, hope still reigns supreme.

No one is too young or too old to benefit from positive stories, which is why there is a Chicken Soup title for almost any age and stage of life: for men, women, kids, teens, illness-sufferers.

While the media coverage and celebrity endorsements have meant a great deal to the success of the best-selling series, it is the effectiveness of the stories that have guaranteed success. Indeed, the success of the Chicken Soup series is proof that positive thinking works not just on paper, but also in real life.

So is there some Chicken Soup for 2009?

Times right now are very tough - the financial crisis has left many unemployed or fearing unemployment. Retiree's have seen their nest-eggs diminish in value, and the crises in Afganistan and the Middle East enter our homes daily via the TV News.

Surrounding yourself with positive people is something that the experts believe will help people through tough times. How you react to adversity is far more important than the problem itself. Don't dwell on negatives, especially if their solution is out of your control.

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