Flower is an important factor for wedding decoration

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Flowers are one of the central aspects of the wedding. The bouquet, the centerpieces, decorations of the church. The truth is that the colors of the flowers you choose, the variety and how willing will create certain atmospheres and intimate and festive atmosphere that our wedding wants to convey.

Among those essential elements of the wedding celebration,Guest Posting the flowers occupy a rather important. More than just a decoration, flowers should be the result of intense reflection, since we will see throughout the entire celebration
The difficulty lies in the choice of flowers and they suit the tastes of the bride and groom and wedding style you want to celebrate. No less important is what kind of decoration we put in each different place will take place during the celebration, from the church to the banquet.
Custom dictates that the bride’s bouquet is offered by her future husband. Usually it is a branch overhanging branches composed of a leafy plant, as we will dispose of it not until the end of the celebration. We can also opt for a bouquet of flowers made ??of the same color, generally tend to be white.
The flowers are also present decorating the aisle of the church and the altar to be held in the rite of the sacrament. For this, you can put small bunches at the beginning of each bank. An idea that many couples choose is that of the exit corridor carpet with rose petals.
Finally, a good idea, as a reminder of the link is to offer each guest a bouquet of remembrance and thanks for coming to your link. Ideally have a table near the door, with all the floral details, so that as we go dismissing our guests, we can offer in hand, the bouquet prepared for them. And if you still want our appreciation is greater, would not hurt to customize them with a little note, or the name of each guest.

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