Learn From Your Mistakes And Make Your Life A Masterpiece

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All of us make mistakes but it is how we rise from our set-backs that determines our self-worth.  Self-honesty, answers to critical questions and self-discipline are the foundations of your self-confidence and self-esteem.  Learn how you can make your life a masterpiece starting today.

Setbacks are part and parcel of life.  We cannot  taste the sweetness of success unless we’ve tasted the bitterness of our failures and setbacks.  The essential thing to remember is not how many times you fall down but the fact that you always managed to pick yourself up again.    You have to become the type of person who always bounces back instead of the type of person who gripes and moans or worse,Guest Posting give up trying.

If you find that you are not happy with your new job or if it does not live up to your expectations, or if you are not happy as you should be with the new house that you just bought, then you have to find the fortitude to admit that you have made a wrong decision.  Remember the old saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.  Maybe your next venture won’t be as successful as you thought it would be.  Don’t let it bother you.  What can you learn from it?  There are many possibilities and you’re sure to find something right or make a successful transition.

If you want to live your ideal life, you need to take your life into your  own hands.  This means you need to take the responsibility for your own decisions and actions, including the wrong ones.  For this reason, you need to invest a lot of energy and anything worthwhile will not work without a strong sense of self-discipline.  People who live by the principle of “always put off to tomorrow what you could do today”, will remain in the same circumstances and never be content with their lives.  They will wait for the push factor of their environment or external forces  to act on them, and depend on the opinions of others instead of taking up the independence of doing what is right. 

Perhaps you’re a student with less-than-ideal grades or an adult swamped by  information at work.  As a student you have to take the responsibility of improving your study skills.  As an adult you need to learn new techniques to accelerate your learning or improve your memory to cope with the currents of change.  You need the self-discipline to learn new methods to cope with the ever-increasing volume of information flow, instead of moping around and giving up.

Discipline, coupled with a healthy feeling of self-worth are the foundation of success in life.  Different people will have different ideas or opinions of what makes them self-confident.  You have to ask yourself critical questions,  “Do I like myself the way I am?” or “Do I respect myself?”  You may not like the answers you give yourself honestly.  But you must have the courage to make the necessary changes if your answers to the above questions is “No.”.  it is time   for you to take steps to become more self-assured and self-confident.  The most important principle to remember in building self-confidence is that you cannot learn to respect yourself if you are constantly criticising yourself.  Only when you are basically happy with yourself as you are will you be able to learn new things and adjust to the flow of life.  But if you are not satisfied with yourself, you will always make sure that your situation reflects your negative self-image.  But conversely, if your answers to the above questions is ‘Yes”, then you will go through life full of self-confidence.

All of us make mistakes now and then but not everyone can handle criticism in a positive way.  To move forward in life, you need to be self-confident enough to admit when you have made a mistake.  Admit your mistake openly without any excuses and as the saying goes “the truth will set you free”.  You won’t find it difficult if you have a healthy self-esteem.  You will notice that having a life worth living is a cycle of healthy checks, making positive changes, self-discipline, and honest evaluations of one-self.  It also helps to have a healthy dose of humour.  Learning to laugh at yourself is just as important as making those serious changes to make your life a masterpiece.

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