Overcoming Desire and Dissatisfaction: The Winner’s Way

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Meditation is the Winner’s way to overcoming Desire and Dissatisfaction in our lives. It can be the big difference between leading a life in misery and Dissatisfaction or living life as a King - free of all desires.

The life of each human being,Guest Posting whether the primitive man or the ultra modern man, is comprised of one common element – Dissatisfaction with what he already has and the Desire for more in life. Actually, its like the two sides of the same coin. Dissatisfaction leads to desire and the unfulfilment of the desire leads to Dissatisfaction. So, its not possible to separate the two of them. Dissatisfaction and Desire go hand in hand.

A Dissatisfied mind is not at ease with itself, it yearns for more and wanders different places to find satisfaction. This quest of the Dissatisfied mind continues till it finds complete satisfaction and finally is at ease with itself.

Desire makes us uneasy and then we make efforts to fulfil those desires. Its like a thorn stuck in our body and until we don’t remove that thorn of desire, it just keeps itching and we feel the pain. When the desire has been fulfilled, we feel a sense of relief. We can see that its like a vicious circle, and we experience this cycle of pain-pleasure continuously in our lives.

But the relief comes at a cost, and the cost is the efforts that we have to put in to fulfil our desires. The efforts are very tiring and take up our precious time and energy, thus we are left off agitated and fatigued. Life is so short and we then feel whether we will be able to fulfil all our remaining desires. The list of unfulfilled desires also remains constant, when we have fulfilled one desire, we already have a few more in the list. So, this journey goes on endlessly, where the point of satisfaction and happiness keeps shifting forward like a mirage in the vast desert.

For a moment, lets just imagine how we would feel when all our desires have been fulfilled? What a feeling of relief and great satisfaction and happiness would accompany that moment. It’s a kingly feeling and a feeling that one has arrived to the point that he was yearning for ages. A sense of Bliss follows day and night. Nothing more to achieve now, final victory has been achieved.

We all want that we achieve such a point in our life. The point where Dissatisfaction and Desire bother us no more. And the good news is that there is a remedy and a means to be free of both of them, in one shot. Its achievable by each and every individual, and costs nothing. The secret is – Meditation. This single activity is enough to give us that state of being a perfect winner and the king of the world.

Why is it that I have praised Meditation so much? The reason is simple, it gives us the result of happiness and satisfaction instantly and we do not have to wait for a tomorrow to be in bliss. Meditation is like hard Cash and not like a promissory note. Meditation is the intelligent choice. Meditation places us far ahead of the competition and in fact, there is no more competition left. It gives us the joy of being independent and bliss flows from within us, so all dissatisfaction is gone.

Each moment of our life becomes a joy in itself, so all desires melt off automatically. Just like a stick of ice-cream melts in the hot sun, so do dissatisfaction and desires melt away under the cool rays of Meditation. They are nowhere to be found then.

Meditation can be practised by the use of various easy techniques. Simple instructions need to be followed and the results are amazing. In this modern age, its even more easy, as we have pre-recorded meditation CDs. It can be practised with leisure at our own convenience. One just starts to wonder then, was it me who was suffering all this displeasure in life? Meditation is the first and the last freedom from all sufferings.

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