The Power of Self-Affirmations!

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Sometimes the hardest person to look at with any object perspective is ourselves.  We have the tendency to be either too lenient or we have the tendency to be far too hard on ourselves. Whoever said that we should be our own toughest critic? That's not right!  You can snap this bad habit by using positive self-reflection affirmations.  

All it takes is some time for you to sit and reflect on who you are and what changes in your life you want to see.  This may take some time if you're not used to self-reflection,Guest Posting but it's necessary to truly discover what you want to do with your life. 

Examples of Positive Affirmations 

Some examples of positive self-reflection affirmations are: "I am a beautiful person inside and outside." or "I am well-liked and respected by people because of my personality." or "I deserve to have good things happen to me."  These affirmations all reflect inward thoughts about your personality.  One of the other benefits of self-reflection is that you will see areas in your life that you wish to change, and then be able to actually do something about it! 

Self-reflection exercises are often overlooked in this fast-paced world that swirls around us. We somehow forget to take time for ourselves to just enjoy the beautiful sound of silence! Yes... silence is beautiful in this noisy world we live in! 

You will find that one of the fruits of this self-reflection exercise is to be more in tune with who you are as a person and what you desire in life.  You will be motivated to change the areas that you are not pleased with and enhance your strengths.  Even the person who is not prone to introspection will find that it will become easier the more they focus on "seeing" themselves from the inside. 

Positive self-reflection affirmations are not only about the "inside."  They can also be valuable in dealing with your outward appearances, such as your weight.  Of course, the outward affects the inward in some way or another, so it's important to take care of yourself, inside and out! 

Positive self-reflection affirmations are vitally important because they provide long lasting results where positive thoughts become embedded in your mind.  And also, what is changed on the inside is directly linked to a change in your outward appearance; not only in your spirit, but also in your dress and confidence.  So sit down with your notebook and start looking at the 'you' inside to find your positive self-reflection affirmations. 

Some more positive affirmations to help you achieve your goals are as follows: 

    • I am at peace and in perfect balance with who I am.
    • I openly receive all the prosperity that comes to me.
    • I am relaxed and I enjoy spending time with me.
    • I will change the way I look at myself for the better.
    • When I create harmony in my own mind I will find it in my life also.
    • My inner positive thoughts help to create my outer positive actions.
    • I am a kind person and full of energy.
    • I know that I will achieve my hopes and dreams.

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