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Your world is surrounded by questions. Questions which beg answers. How often do you tune into the questions that permeate your being – the questions that tug at your heart and beckon your soul? History is full of men and women who have entered the hallowed halls of greatness because they have asked the questions that rumbled through their senses and found an answer in their everyday being. They have discovered what we all deeply know - that the Universe conspires with us!

I wonder where I would be today if I hadn’t asked these questions:
How can I heal my shattered being?
How can I end this marriage and still be a good mom?
What if I could do a cabaret show in NYC?
What if I could manage technology for this law firm?
How can I have an intimate,Guest Posting loving relationship?
How can I start my own business?
All of these questions have come to pass as moments lived and treasured in my life – experiences that have connected me to the grace and magnificence of living a life at choice. Many times these questions came from moments of pain and despair and equally they have come from moments of wonder and inner urgings.

Problems that remain persistently insolvable should always be suspected as questions asked in the wrong way. Alan Watts
It’s equally important to be aware that many times the questions that we belabor and struggle with are indicative of areas where a smoke screen is in place, areas where we may not really want to see the answer to the deeper question. The question ‘Why does this always happen to me?’ is a favorite in this category. This kind of question leads you on a wild goose chase of the mind, it is simply an ineffective use of your vital energy. Energy that is more wisely invested in addressing the question that lies beneath the question. For example, “Why is he so disconnected from me?” may beg another question like “In what way am I disconnected?” or “Where am I checking out in this relationship?” Questions that elicit action from YOU are where true power lies.
Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day into your answers.
Rainer Maria Rilke

Try this exercise, "Engaging Your Life Purpose with Recurring Questions":

1. Jot down the top three questions that have been surfacing and re-surfacing in your life. These should be questions that have repeatedly come back to you and have been like a beacon - shining the way towards an unknown port. (For example, mine could be "How can I heal my wounded heart?", "How can I make things better?", "How can I connect fully and authentically to others?")

2. Think of turning points in your life where these questions have led you to an 'answer'. Take a few moments to do some free flow writing (that means just writing thoughts as they occur to you) on each of these.

3. Take a highlighter and pick out the salient insights. Notice any themes or connections and write a sentence describing how the questions have shed light on your life purpose and/or the quality of your life.

The quality and depth of your questions dictates the landscape of your world. It is not a world where you are buffeted around by the winds of chance and are haphazardly flounced upon your face; it is a wondrous playground where dreams come to life as you entertain the questions that are etched in your heart. The questions that inflame your passion can only be brought to life by you. You are the vessel which can pour the essence of your being into the world. There is no other. So, are you living the lackluster, surface questions or are you embracing the questions that lie at the core of your being?

The answer is murmuring in the questions gleaned from your soul. Be still, listen and harken to the liquid gold emblazoned on your heart. The world yearns for your questions to come alive.

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