Akoya Pearl and its Producers

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Akoya pearls are the example of the cultured pearls which are created with the help of Oysters which lives in salty water. It is provided with this name because it is created with the help of an Oyster species named as Akoya.

It is a very small organism generally 3 to 10 millimeters. Therefore the size of akoya pearls is very small. But Akoya species of the oyster is a perfectionist because it gives rise to a complete spherical shaped pearl. Because of this quality Akoya Pearl are best suited for the creation of pearl jewelry items such as Pearl Necklace,Guest Posting Pearl Earrings, Pearl Bracelet etc. The size used for the creation of these jewelry items depends upon the individual's taste and the tradition of a country. Akoya pearl is generally found in two colors(White and Cream) with a luster of yellow and Rose as well. Japan and China are the largest producers of the Akoya Pearls. Japan is the first ever country which is associated with the manufacturing of Akoya pearls. Today the Japanese Pearl Industry is suffering because of water pollution in japan. The Chinese farmers 40 years ago used the japanese researchers technique but the Pear created was quite inferior in quality in comparison with the japanese pearls. In early 90's the chinese farmers improve the technique and the result was amazing. Now it was almost impossible to differentiate the Japanese and Chinese Pearls. The Pearls with 4 to 8 mm in size sold these days is the creation of the chinese farmers. The pearls of this size are popular in the teenage girls and the women in the range of 30 to 40 years. But they are still unable to create a 8.5 mm size pearl which is undoubtedly the creation of pearl founder " The Japanese". Because of this huge competition the japanese farmers have now started to specialize only in big size Akoya pearls. The chinese sell their small sized akoya pearls to the Japanese and the japanese are the master of giving them a big shape. The Pearl with a size of 8.5 mm is the symbol of status and luxury. 

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Akoya Pearls were first created by the Japanese farmers. These are the most spherical shaped Pearls and therefore are widely used in Pearl Jewelry items.

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