How to Stay Fresh the Next Morning After a Party

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You have a good time with your friend last night. You drink a lot because you just love to drink and have fun. But one thing that you don't like is to have the hangover the next morning. You hate the headache and the nausea caused by the hangover and you swear not to drink again. But the fact is, you drink again when the opportunity come. You try everything in order not to have the hangover effect but nothing have work before.

How about you try this tips and you can have fun all night without worrying about the hangover the next morning.

1) Drink Water While Drinking

You can combat the #1 cause of hangover the next day - dehydration by drinking water while drinking. That pounding head,Guest Posting thick tongue, dry mouth and pain behind the eyes are all symptoms of dehydration brought on by excessive alcohol consumption. Your body will be dehydrated when you consumed alcohol in excess.

If you want to prolong your party, try alternate one or two alcoholic drinks with a glass of water or plain juice. Be sure to drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids while drinking and your hangover will be less severe.

2) Pace Yourself

Based on research, on average your body can process or eliminate one ounce of alcohol per hour. If you don't want to get fully drunk, try to pace yourself and limit yourself to one alcoholic drink per hour.

3) Never take medicine

Any medicines that indicate that you should not take with alcohol or if you have consumed more than three alcoholic beverages per day should be avoided by you. This includes Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, or any drugs contain the same active ingredients that are tough on the liver. You can hide the hangover effects but these medicines will also slow down the liver function of eliminating the alcohol that is causing the hangover.

Whatever you do - Never Drink and Drive! The worst hangover in the world pales in comparison to the headache of a fatal or near fatal car crash due to alcohol consumption. Get a designated driver, take a cab, or stay at home and drink, but don't ever get behind the wheel of a car. The life you save by not drinking and driving may very well be your own.

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